How To Add Fonts To GIMP and Inkscape | 3 Simple Steps

How To Add Fonts To GIMP and Inkscape | 3 Simple Steps 1024 602 Nick Saporito

This is something I’m asked about quite often and figured it would make sense to finally put together this brief instructional on how to add fonts to GIMP and Inkscape. This method works the same regardless if you’re using Windows, Linux or Mac.

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How To Install Fonts In GIMP and Inkscape

You don’t actually install the font into the application; you install it onto your operating system, then you’ll be able to use it with all of your applications. The process is quite simple…

Step 1: Find A Font

You’ll need to pick out a font to install. I like to use because all of their fonts are free for both personal and commercial use. You can also find free fonts on sites like Dafont, but you have to be careful about how you use them because most of them are only free for personal use, and if you use them commercially or for client work you could be breaking copyright law.

If you’re doing work for a client, it may be a good idea to invest in some premium fonts.

Font Squirrel

I’ll be installing the Grand Hotel font for use in GIMP and Inkscape

Step 2: Download & Install

Simply download the font from the font page. It usually comes packaged in a ZIP folder. Open the zip folder (no need to extract it if you’re using Windows) and look for the font file. It should end with either .ttf or .otf.

Double-click that file to open it, then somewhere near the top of the window you should see a button that says “Install”. Go ahead and click that button and the font will be added to your computer so you can use it with GIMP and Inkscape.

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Install font GIMP and Inkscape

Step 3: Restart GIMP and Inkscape

If you already have GIMP and/or Inkscape open, you’ll have to close out of them and reopen again in order for the new font(s) to populate in the font directory. Once you’ve done that, your newly-added fonts should be ready to use.

GIMP font menu

Newly-added font populated in GIMP

Inkscape font menu

And here’s how it looks in Inkscape

If any part of these instructions were unclear, please refer to the video tutorial at the top of the page or leave a comment below.

Fonts Still Not Showing?

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately from some of you who claim that your fonts still aren’t populating in Inkscape despite following these steps. I found a solution after looking into it a bit which you can read about here.

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  • Bartholomäus Abstreiter

    Hi Nick, at first I’m German and sorry for my bad English skills. Since the last version of Gimp (I use 2.10.6 from Partha, Win 10) new installed fonts are not availlable, the same in Inkscape. The font appears in all Office Apps but not in both graphic tools. Do you have any idea?
    Best regards

    • Nick Saporito

      That’s odd, I haven’t heard of that happening and don’t know why it would. I would reach out to GIMP support and see if they have any solutions. Sorry I couldn’t help further than that.

  • Paul Tobeck

    Hi Nick, I’m having a font issue with Inkscape. Many of the fonts I download are families, with different styles (rough, shadow, etc.) designed to be used together, but after installing, many times only one or two variations show up in Inkscape. It appears this is occurring mainly with .OTF fonts. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the fonts, but end up with the same result. It’s annoying as hell, I liked the font for a particular application, but when I want to use it, all I have is usually the standard font and not the variation I need. The variations also don’t show in the style drop down. I haven’t checked to see if they are available in Gimp, but they show up in other applications like Microsoft Word.
    Any ideas, or is this just an Inkscape quirk/limitation I have to live with?

    • Nick Saporito

      That’s odd, I’ve never had a problem with Inkscape or GIMP utilizing installed fonts. Are you sure you’re looking in the right places for them? If you open the text menu (control + shift + t) you’ll notice that if you select a font in the window to the left, it’ll show all of the font’s variations in the window to the right. I would check that. Sometimes all of the variations get installed as separate fonts though. Good luck, sorry I couldn’t help further.

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