The Affinity Designer Master Class | Every Tool & Feature Explained

The Affinity Designer Master Class

Become A Master Of Affinity Designer!

The Affinity Designer Master Class is a comprehensive series of 60+ videos where I go over every tool, feature and function in Affinity Designer and explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s useful. Think of it as a guided tour, in video format, that you can refer to any time you want and can sign in to ask questions.

By the end of this course you will know everything that there is to know about Affinity Designer!

Video Lessons

Each lesson is in 1080p video format where I share my screen with you, explain each feature, and demonstrate how it works. Videos can be streamed from any device with a web browser and can be downloaded for offline viewing as well!

Here’s a sample lesson on using Vector Brushes

Ad-Free Experience

The tutorials that I publish to YouTube and this website are usually paid for with third-party advertisements. That is not the case here though! Since this is a premium video series, there are no ads and no self-promotion.

This allows me to focus on providing the most useful information possible without having to worry about appeasing the YouTube algorithm or basing my lessons on what gets the most clicks.

Personalized Support

When you enroll in the Affinity Designer Master Class you will be granted access to our private community and I can personally answer any questions you may have about the course contents if you’re having trouble understanding it.

Since you are a paying customer, you are entitled to my assistance if needed. No questions or comments go unanswered.

Course Contents

Here’s an outline of the subjects covered along with the length of each video.

Course contents are up-to-date as of version 1.10.4

Introduction To Affinity Designer

Launch Menu(10:56)
Layout Overview(14:49)
Document Setup(8:08)
Saving & Exporting Your Work(5:28)

Studio Introduction

Introduction To The Studio(2:06)
Basic Functions(8:37)
Aligning Objects(4:46)
Snapping Objects(4:30)
Boolean Operations(3:55)
Working with Grids(5:01)
Working with Guides(6:16)

Studio Features

Adding Color (Fill & Stroke)(5:07)
Creating Swatches(3:45)
Strokes & Outlines(8:22)
Using Brushes(2:56)
Creating Brushes(6:47)
Layer Masking(3:11)
Adjustment Layers(3:54)
Clipping Masks(4:37)
Text Styles(2:57)
Stock Photos & Clipart(3:12)

Designer Persona Tools

Introduction To The Designer Persona(1:04)
Nodes (Anchor Points)(11:25)
Point Transform(1:49)
Contour (Offsets)(1:55)
Pen Tool(5:04)
Vector Brush(3:30)
Fill (Gradients & Patterns)(10:10)
Place Image(0:40)
Vector Crop(1:54)
Artistic Text(3:44)
Frame Text(2:14)
Color Picker(2:38)

Pixel Persona Tools

Introduction To The Pixel Persona(0:50)
Marquees (Selections)(7:30)
Freehand Selection(4:11)
Selection Brush(5:08)
Paint Brush(7:22)
Erase Brush(1:47)
Flood Fill(3:16)
Dodge Brush(3:08)
Burn Brush(2:03)
Smudge Brush(1:35)
Blur Brush(1:33)
Sharpen Brush(1:29)

Export Persona

How To Use The Export Persona(8:10)

Lifetime Access!

Enrolling in the Affinity Designer Master Class will grant you lifetime access. There are no monthly or yearly charges. You’ll be able to re-watch lessons and stop in to ask questions whenever you want!