Become A Master of Inkscape

The Inkscape Master Class is a comprehensive series of 50+ videos where I go over every tool, feature and function in Inkscape and explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s useful. Think of it as an interactive user manual, in video format, that you can refer to any time you want.

If you’ve ever followed one of my YouTube tutorials and wondered why rather than how, this course is the answer to that question. After completing the course you should have a solid understanding of everything Inkscape has to offer and how you can use it yourself.

Video Lessons

Each lesson is in video format where I share my screen with you, explain each feature, and demonstrate how it works. Here’s a sample lesson on using the Arrange tool…

Ad-Free Experience

I’m able to subsidize free tutorials on YouTube by running third party ads and promoting my own products and services. That is not the case here though. Since this is a premium video series, there are no ads and no self-promotion.

This allows me to focus on providing the most useful information possible without having to worry about appeasing the YouTube algorithm or basing my lessons on what gets the most clicks.

Personalized Support

When you enroll in the Inkscape Master Class you will be granted access to our private community and I can personally answer any questions you may have about the course contents if you’re having trouble understanding it.

Since you are a paying customer, you are entitled to my assistance if needed. No questions or comments go unanswered.

Course Contents

Here’s an outline of the subjects covered along with the length of each video. Course contents are up-to-date as of Inkscape Version 1.0 released on May 4th, 2020.

Setting Up The Canvas (2:35)
Navigating The Canvas (3:56)
Rotating The Canvas (2:28)
The Select Tool (9:13)
File Menu
File Menu Functions (8:30)
Document Properties (18:00)
Opening and Importing Files (6:55)
Saving Your Work (6:17)
Exporting PNG Files (7:50)
Edit Menu
Edit Menu Functions (13:22)
Inkscape Preferences (5:17)
Custom Themes (2:17)
Creating Clones (3:28)
Tiled Clones (15:53)
Toolbar Interface
Toolbars Overview (9:27)
Snapping Objects Together (10:18)
View Menu
View Menu Functions (12:39)
XRay & Split View Mode (1:23)
Creating Swatches (3:22)
Layers Menu
Working with Layers (9:19)
Objects Menu
Objects Menu Functions (20:13)
Fill and Stroke Functions (20:06)
Clipping Paths (4:00)
Masking (4:32)
Inverse Clips & Masks (1:54)
Transform Tool (5:02)
Aligning and Distributing Objects (14:53)
On-Canvas Alignment (1:24)
Arranging Objects (5:43)
Path Menu
Path Functions (20:22)
Stroke To Path (Version 1.0 Update) (1:23)
Tracing Bitmaps (7:52)
Trace Pixel Art (3:15)
Path Effects (9:35)
Path Effects
Path Effects Menu (Version 1.0 update) (01:57)
Bend Path (04:11)
Attach Path (03:39)
BSpline (02:57)
Construct Grid (01:37)
Corners (Fillet & Chamfer) (03:41)
Dashed Stroke (04:20)
Envelope Deformation (02:22)
Hatches (03:28)
Text Menu
Working with Text (7:23)
Creating Fonts (3:30)
Inkscape Tools
Edit Paths By Nodes (12:02)
Tweak Objects (5:13)
Zoom (2:29)
Measurements (4:37)
Squares and Rectangles (2:29)
3D Boxes (3:12)
Circles and Ellipses (3:11)
Closed Path Ellipse (Version 1.0 Update) (0:38)
Stars and Polygons (3:34)
Creating Spirals (2:58)
Drawing Freehand Lines (5:24)
The Bezier Pen (9:32)
The Calligraphy Pen (6:39)
Creating Text (5:41)
Single Line Text Wrapping (Version 1.0 Update) (1:07)
Spraying Objects (5:55)
Eraser (2:05)
Bucket Fill (3:43)
Linear and Radial Gradients (6:52)
Mesh and Conical Gradients (6:31)
Color Picker (3:18)
Diagram Connectors (4:48)
Filters Menu
Filter Effects (4:17)
Filter Gallery
Extensions Menu
Most Useful Extensions (13:34)