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Become A Master Of Adobe Illustrator!

The Illustrator Explainer Series is a comprehensive series of 100+ videos where I go over every tool, feature and function in Adobe Illustrator and explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s useful. Think of it as a guided tour, in video format, that you can refer to any time you want and can sign in to ask questions.

By the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of Adobe Illustrator and its features.

See How It Works…

Each lesson is in 1080p video format where I share my screen with you, explain each feature, and demonstrate how it works. Videos can be streamed from any device with a web browser, have captions in English, and can be downloaded for offline viewing as well!

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Ad-Free Experience

The tutorials that I publish to YouTube and this website are usually paid for with third-party advertisements. That is not the case here though! Since this is a premium video series, there are no ads and no self-promotion.

This allows me to focus on providing the most useful information possible without having to worry about appeasing the YouTube algorithm or basing my lessons on what gets the most clicks.

Personalized Support

When you enroll in the Illustrator Explainer Series you will be granted access to our private community and I can personally answer any questions you may have about the course contents if you’re having trouble understanding it.

Since you are a paying customer, you are entitled to my assistance if needed. No questions or comments go unanswered.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Test your knowledge with multiple-choice quizzes and apply what you’ve learned with step-by-step video tutorials. Learn how to design logos, avatars, t shirts, and more!

About Course Instructor

I’m Nick and I will be your guide throughout this course. With over 10 years of experience working as a graphic designer, I teach millions of YouTube viewers each year how to use design software.

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Course Contents

Here’s an outline of the subjects covered along with the length of each video.

Course contents are up-to-date as of CS 2022

Getting Started

Video lessonIntroduction To Illustrator(5:31)
Video lessonWorkflow Setup & Overview(8:37)
Video lessonBasic Controls(9:08)
Video lessonView Modes(7:45)
Video lessonSaving & Exporting Your Work(11:50)
QuizModule Quiz (Optional)

Organizing Objects

Video lessonSnapping(7:08)
Video lessonGrids(1:31)
Video lessonGuides(3:27)
Video lessonAlign & Distribute(10:00)
Video lessonGrouping(3:01)
Video lessonLayers(5:31)
QuizModule Quiz (Optional)

Transforming Objects

Video lessonThe Selection Tool(7:38)
Video lessonTransform(5:28)
Video lessonColor(6:21)
Video lessonStroke(10:45)
Video lessonGradient(9:44)
Video lessonPathfinder/Boolean Operations(5:40)
Video lessonCompound Paths(4:29)
Video lessonExpand/Expand Appearance(5:14)
Video lessonClipping Masks(2:30)
Video lessonMasking (Transparency Menu)(4:41)
QuizQuiz Module (Optional)


Video lessonDirect Selection Tool(4:02)
Video lessonGroup Selection Tool(2:06)
Video lessonMagic Wand Tool(4:47)
Video lessonLasso Tool(1:44)
Video lessonPen Tool(8:16)
Video lessonAdd/Delete Anchor Points Tool(2:30)
Video lessonAnchor Point Tool(1:51)
Video lessonCurvature Tool(2:55)
Video lessonType Tool(6:30)
Video lessonArea Type(4:06)
Video lessonType On A Path(5:38)
Video lessonVertical Type(3:33)
Video lessonTouch Type(2:15)
Video lessonLine Segment Tool(3:32)
Video lessonArc Tool(2:59)
Video lessonSpiral Tool(4:35)
Video lessonRectangular Grid(4:46)
Video lessonPolar Grid(4:24)
Video lessonRectangle Tool(2:18)
Video lessonRounded Rectangle(2:05)
Video lessonEllipse(1:13)
Video lessonPolygon(1:54)
Video lessonStar(2:49)
Video lessonFlare(3:44)
Video lessonPaintbrush Tool(5:13)
Video lessonBlob Brush(2:06)
Video lessonShaper(1:20)
Video lessonPencil(3:30)
Video lessonSmooth(2:50)
Video lessonPath Eraser(2:07)
Video lessonJoin(1:39)
Video lessonEraser(2:42)
Video lessonScissors(1:07)
Video lessonKnife(1:30)
Video lessonRotate(3:28)
Video lessonReflect(1:22)
Video lessonScale(2:49)
Video lessonShear(1:22)
Video lessonReshape(1:23)
Video lessonWidth(2:08)
Video lessonDistortion Tools(2:36)
Video lessonFree Transform(3:01)
Video lessonPuppet Warp(2:03)
Video lessonShape Builder(2:50)
Video lessonLive Paint Bucket(2:20)
Video lessonLive Paint Selection(1:29)
Video lessonPerspective Grid & Selection(4:00)
Video lessonMesh(4:05)
Video lessonEye Dropper(1:49)
Video lessonMeasure(1:46)
Video lessonBlend(5:45)
Video lessonSymbol Tools(5:34)
Video lessonCharts and Graphs(10:38)
Video lessonArtboard Tool(4:28)
Video lessonSlice Tool(3:34)
Video lessonHand & Rotate View(2:35)
Video lessonZoom Tool(1:40)
QuizQuiz Module (Optional)

Misc. Transformations

Video lessonEnvelope Distort(6:45)
Video lesson3D(7:24)
Video lessonDistort & Transform(4:49)
Video lessonStylize(5:24)
Video lessonRecoloring Your Artwork(3:15)
Video lessonText Wrapping(4:07)
Video lessonCreating Patterns(2:57)
QuizQuiz Module (Optional)

Tutorial Exercises

Video lessonDesign A T-Shirt(12:18)
Video lessonInterlocking Letters Logo(12:18)
Video lessonAsset Export(5:11)
Video lessonRocket Logo Design(17:19)

Misc. Features

Video lessonActions(2:37)
Video lessonAppearance(2:52)
Video lessonAsset Export(2:06)
Video lessonColor Guide(2:18)
Video lessonImage Trace(7:20)
Video lessonInfo(2:22)
Video lessonLinks(1:23)
Video lessonNavigator(1:37)
Video lessonProperties(2:19)
QuizModule Quiz (Optional)

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