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Create A Geometric Collage with Inkscape and GIMP

Today I’m going to do something I haven’t yet done, and that’s create a tutorial where I use both Inkscape and GIMP together to create an end product. Inkscape and GIMP are incredibly valuable design tools, but they serve different purposes. Inkscape is meant for vector creation, whereas GIMP is meant for photo manipulation. Since…

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Create CSGO Skins with GIMP
Create Custom CS GO Skins with GIMP

I know my audience well enough to know that a large portion of you are gamers. Exactly how many of you are PC games who play Counter Strike: Global Offense is beyond me, but I figured I’d make this post anyway for potential search traffic, because there’s not many resources about this as it currently…

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Retro text effect made with Inkscape
Create Retro Text with Inkscape

In today’s tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how you can use Inkscape to create a retro-style text poster. The functions we’ll be focusing on in this lesson are the Extrude extension and texture masking in particular. Design Elements For this design I used the heavy variation of the Lato font, which can be downloaded for free…

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Free grunge texture pack
15 Free Grunge Textures

Texture masking is a great way to add character and distinctiveness to your design work, but if you’re anything like me, you probably just manually create textures for each individual project instead of putting together an inventory to draw from when needed. This is an incredible time drain, and I decided it’s about time I…

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Logo design made with GIMP
How To Design A Logo with GIMP

I usually don’t recommend using raster graphics applications like GIMP and Photoshop to design logos — a logo is best made with vector applications like Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator — but if GIMP is what you’re most comfortable with and you just need a simple logo for basic web use, you can get away with…

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Professional design with Inkscape
7 Mind-Blowing Designs Made with Inkscape

Being a free and open source resource, people tend to wrongly disregard Inkscape as an amateur application that can’t compare to the likes of Adobe Illustrator. I’ve always tried to demonstrate with my own work that that simply isn’t true though. Aside from a few inconsequential bells and whistles, Inkscape is capable of virtually anything Illustrator is. I…

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Signature watermarks
Create Signature Watermarks with GIMP

If you’ve ever wanted to watermark your photos using your own signature, I’ll be showing you how to do just that in this tutorial, using GIMP. Skip down to the end of the post if you’d just like to watch the video tutorial. There’s two ways of accomplishing this — both of which I’ll be…

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Free calligraphy fonts
11 Free Calligraphy Fonts To Add To Your Collection

Every once in a while I’ll do a roundup of some free fonts that I’ve been enjoying lately and share them in a post. As I’ve talked about in the past, I’m usually not crazy about free fonts because they tend to be overused and abused and come with a stigma because of it, but…

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Inkscape create conical gradients
Now You Can Easily Create Conical Gradients with Inkscape

In today’s tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how you can use Inkscape to easily create gradients that wrap in a circle going around a central point, otherwise known as conical gradients. Skip down to the bottom of the page if you’d just like to watch the video tutorial. Inkscape has always made it easy for us…

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