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Do You Need A Website As A Graphic Designer?

I see too many designers relying on other sites to host their work and conduct business, and I think it’s a mistake — a mistake I made and paid for myself in the past. You may not think you need a website to conduct business as a graphic designer, and technically you don’t, but I’d like to shed some…

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GIMP: The Best Photo Correction Software, And It’s Free!

If you occasionally need to make casuals edits to your pictures, photos and graphics, GIMP may be the best photo correction software for your needs. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it’s open source (free) and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Best photo correction software – visit to download…

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Money Back Guarantee Header
Free Design: 100% Money Back Guarantee Logo

Seeing as how my contact icons and social media icons were well-received and regularly bring in search traffic, I figure it would make sense to come up with some kind of useful design to create and give away maybe once a month or so. This week’s giveaway: a 100% Money Back Guarantee logo. I’ve often…

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Premium Logo Fonts – Why You Should Use Them + My Favorites

For the longest time I fell into the trap of thinking free equals good, especially when it comes to fonts for designing logos. But lately I’ve been coming around to some of the more premium logo fonts and using the free alternatives less often. Maybe being exposed to the design world for so long has…

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A Look At My New Design Setup

For those of you interested in the tech side of things, I figured I’d share my latest build. I’ve been using my previous machine for quite some time, but it’s getting old and slowing down. Since this is something my livelihood depends on, I had very little hesitation about investing in an upgrade. With this…

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How not to get scammed as a freelancer
How Not to Get Scammed As a Freelancer

When you’re doing business on the internet, you’re usually dealing with strangers. It’s very easy to be scammed if you’re not careful. I’ve been hustled a few times in the past myself, but I’ve learned from those mistakes, and in this post I’m going to share my tips to avoid being scammed as a freelancer.…

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Create a Heartbeat Design with Inkscape

Today I’ll be demonstrating how to create a vector heartbeat logo that can be compatible with any other sort of theme. I often see people selling t shirts on Facebook using this sort of concept – depicting dogs, cats, instruments, skylines, etc. – and advertising them against those audiences. The goal of this tutorial is…

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Create a Light Bulb Fish Bowl with GIMP

In today’s tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to use GIMP to create a fish tank out of a light bulb. Enjoy! Light bulb image: Water splash image: Fish image: Get the Inkscape dark theme: Logo Design Course Curious about the creative process that inspires me to come up with design ideas and…

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Common Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Logo design can be tricky business. A logo is meant to be a unique symbol that an audience can identify a brand with. Often times we tend to over-think it and make needless mistakes. In this post I’ll be going over common logo design mistakes and how to avoid them. Too Literal A while back I…

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Create a Vector Chocolate Candy Bar with Inkscape

Design a vector chocolate candy bar with a bite taken out of it using Inkscape. Color codes: 8c462dff 67422fff 542b1aff 9c4f32ff   Learn Everything About Logo Design Curious about the creative process that inspires me to come up with design ideas and how I go about executing them? Be sure to check out my logo…

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