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Open source logo design software
Inkscape: The Best Open Source Logo Design Software

When it comes to open source graphic design, we have many different options to choose from. There’s GIMP, Krita, Vectr, Karbon, and many more. But from my own personal experience as a logo designer, Inkscape is the undisputed best open source logo design software. By the way, I’m sure there’s many other notable options when…

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Modern serif fonts free
9 Best Modern Serif Fonts – Free Downloads | 2018

Serifs are the tiny lines that tail the edges of a letter or a symbol. Serif fonts are primarily used for print and large bodies of text because they make it easier to distinguish individual characters. For whatever reason though, serif fonts don’t seem to be very popular in modern branding (with the exception of the new…

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Inkscape infographic template
Inkscape Infographic Template | Tutorial + Free Download

In today’s tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how you can design a colorful, circle-shaped infographic design using Inkscape. This Inkscape infographic template will also be available for you to download for free in case you’d like to bypass the tutorial altogether. In order to keep this post relatively brief, I’ll basically be doing a swift overview…

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Sample creative brief for logo design clients
Sample Creative Brief for Logo Design Clients

Before beginning any logo design project, you’ll need to collaborate with your client so that you can understand their business, the market they play in, and who their ideal customer is. This is known as a briefing, and in this post I’ll be going over a sample creative brief for logo design clients that you…

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Inkscape VS GIMP: Always Choose Inkscape for Logo Design

Many times I’ve been asked to create tutorials demonstrating how to design a logo in GIMP. Theoretically, a logo could be designed in GIMP, and I have demonstrated how to do so, but you should really look elsewhere for logo design. Using GIMP to design a logo is like using a fork to cut a…

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Making new layer from a selection in GIMP
GIMP: Make Selection a New Layer

Today I’ll be demonstrating a rather simple (but useful) technique: making your selection a new layer in GIMP. This will be quite a brief tutorial, but I see that a lot of users are searching Google with this question, so let’s help them out. Step 1: Make A Selection Go ahead and grab yourself a…

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Free iOS app icons header
44 Free iOS App Icons

If you’re in the process of creating an app — or if you’re creating some kind of software that lets users create their own apps — and you need access to a bundle of free iOS app icons, you’re on the right page. In this post I’ll be sharing a pack of modern, flat style app-store-ready…

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10K Analytics Brand Identity

10K Analytics is an advanced advisory firm that specializes in helping businesses apply and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to risk management and compliance problems. The firm uses existing data to help find insightful solutions to complex problems a company may be facing. Their target audience is business-to-business — specifically risk management and compliance…

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Move gradients with object in Inkscape
Inkscape Fix: How To Move Gradients with Objects

A problem many of you run into when following my Inkscape tutorials is that when you attempt to move an object that you’ve applied a gradient to, the gradient doesn’t move with it. It stays in place as if it were its own separate entity. This is kind of a silly feature if you ask…

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