11 Best GIMP Brushes for Drawing

GIMP brushes for drawing

In today’s post I’ll be going over 11 of the best GIMP brushes for drawing, sketching, painting, or any kind of freehand illustration. These brushes are actually intended for use with Photoshop, but Photoshop brushes work just as well for GIMP.

For instructions on how to install these brushes, please refer to the video tutorial at the top of the page.

Best GIMP Brushes for Drawing

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1. Ghoul/Halloween Sketch Brushes


Halloween brushes
Credit: Sabor Designs

A free 5-brush set by Sabor Designs that includes original Halloween-themed sketch brushes.

2. Doodle Brushes

Doodle brushes
Credit: Jamie Haxby

A collection of 20 doodle-style brushes by Jamie Haxby.

3. Cross Hatching

Cross hatch brushes

20 high-resolution brushes for cross hatch sketches and drawings.

4. Sketchbook Brushes

Sketchbook brushes
Credit: Sabor Designs

Another great pack of 24 mid-resolution sketch brushes by Michael Murdock taken directly from a sketch book. Be sure to visit Michael’s store for some of his premium brushes.

5. Pencil Scribbles

Pencil scribble brushes
Credit: StuffWeMake

These pencil scribble brush are a great way to add a pencil and paper texture to your work.

6. Colored Pencil GIMP Brush for Drawing

Colored pencil GIMP brush for drawing
Credit: BrushBundle

Use these GIMP brushes for drawing colored pencil lines. The texture makes it appear as if it’s drawn onto paper.

7. Realistic Pencil Brush

Realistic pencil brush

A pack of highly detailed and realistic-looking pencil stroke brushes for Photoshop, can can be used with GIMP as well.

8. Marker Brushes

Dry marker brushes

This pack of marker-style brushes were inspired by the effect you get when you forget the put the cap back on a marker and it dries out.

9. Dry Stroke Brushes

Dry brush stroke

14 dry brush strokes, designed to create the effect of a brush stroke near the end of its streak as it begins to dry out.

10. Charcoal Brushes

Charcoal brushes

15 realistic charcoal brushes to give your GIMP drawings a charcoal-textured look.

11. Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor brushes

A generous bundle of 38 watercolor brushes so you can create realistic watercolor paintings in GIMP.

Be sure to check out a previous post I made about my 20 favorite free GIMP brushes here!

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