3 Color Combinations for Logos

3 Color Combinations for Logos | Best Practices for 2018

3 Color Combinations for Logos | Best Practices for 2018 1024 602 Logos By Nick

Earlier this year I wrote a post outlining some examples of good logo color combinations as it relates to pairing 2 colors. When pairing 2 colors, choosing contrasting shades usually works well. But when it comes to 3 color combinations for logos, it’s a little trickier.

Usually what works best is to use the 2 contrasting colors you’d normally use, then use an off shade of one or the other. Or if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can try comparing 3 totally different colors.

In this post I’m going to share 8 examples of logo designs that made a 3-color system work quite well. Credit along with a link will be attributed to each design.

3 Color Combinations for Logos

3 Color Logo Combination

@nickbud_design on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, 2 contrasting colors along with an off shade of one or the other usually works well. This design is a great example of such. The dark blue and tan contrast nicely with each other, and the lighter blue just fits right in.

Penguin logo

@logoinspirations on Instagram

Here’s another example. The orange and purple contrast nicely, then the much lighter shade of purple — nearly blue — adds another dimension of contrast. A beautiful design all around.

Manitoba Logo

@howesdesignservice on Instagram

This one is more bold in that it uses 3 completely different colors. Somehow it just works!

Bird raindrop logo

@mono.trix on Instagram

Here’s a great example of a 3 color combination for logos utilizing a green and yellow palette. The very dark green adds more contrast to the design and overall looks fantastic.

Duluth logo

@timbr_design on Instagram

There’s a lot going on in this design, but it all works and fits together nicely. Sometimes the key to finding the right 3-color system is making sure they’re all in a similar tone, as is the case with this logo. They all have that soft, pastel-like shade.

Lama logo design

@kudos_design on Instagram

I’ve always loved how well blue and pink work together (especially as a gradient,) and adding a splash of light blue looks even better. The use of that 3rd color makes the shading on the lama’s face possible.

Nucleon design

@srioz on Instagram

One thing I’ve noticed about using 2 shades of the same color is that it works best when they contrast within themselves. For example, a really light blue paired with a really dark blue, as done in this design.

3 color combinations for logos

@alanalouise_ on Instagram

This logo is just screaming with creativity, and not just because of the colors. Yellow, brown and blue is quite a bold mix, but Alana makes it work!

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