Best logo color combinations

22 Best Logo Color Combinations for Inspiration

22 Best Logo Color Combinations for Inspiration 1024 602 Nick Saporito

Choosing the right colors for you logo can be somewhat tricky, especially when you consider the psychology of color and branding. However, if you’re just looking for some suggestions for color palettes, I’ve compiled a list of the 22 best logo color combinations from designs that I found while browsing Instagram.

Generally speaking, logos work best when you include no more than 3 colors, and that’s reflected in the choices I made for this post.

Best Logo Color Combinations

Each design links back to the originator in effort to give them their due credit.

Green and dark blue color scheme

@chrislago on Instagram

Sometimes you’ll look at two colors and think nothing of them until a nice piece of design ties them together like this one.

Spaceship logo design

@snape.dsgn on Instagram

Navy blue and yellow with a splash of orange. I’ve always liked how well these shade contrast with each other.

Pastel logo colors

@bradpurchase_ on Instagram

I love these muted pastel tones. They have a soft, calming effect.

World cup logo

@dlani on Instagram

A sharp red with a deep navy blue always work well together, especially when you accent it with some white or gray.

Muted blue and yellow color scheme

@kellyjefff.graphicdesign on Instagram

Blue and yellow always contrast nicely, but these particular shades just look stunning.

Creamsicle colors

@franaone on Instagram

One of the things I love about browsing other designs for color inspiration is that it causes you to notice shades you otherwise never would’ve considered. This really deep, dull green would be one of then. It contrasts very nicely with light shades of orange.

Aged effect

@jonathandschubert on Instagram

A dull forest green paired up with a muted shade of tan. Makes for a nice aged look.

Volcano logo design

@gabrieleloccidesign on Instagram

This is probably one of the best logo color combinations I’ve seen yet. This is sharp and it just pops.

@cjzilligen on Instagram

Much like navy blue and red, navy blue and orange also works. This looks like orange with a splash of pink though… peach?

Age logo color palette

@benkocinski on Instagram

I’ve always loved how tan and navy blue look together, and this design just reinforces my feelings about that.

Green and blue logo color combination

@paddymo10 on Instagram

Here’s one that caught me by surprise. I never would’ve thought these three shades could interact so nicely together.

Ice cream color palette

@typoe11 on Instagram

This one immediately makes me think of ice cream for some reason.

Orange brown and tan color palette

@merooseth on Instagram

I love the stark contrast of these three shades. They’re so different, yet so similar. And when combined it makes the design have a striking appeal.

Green and brown logo colors

@petervoth on Instagram

Here’s another brown and green logo color pairing. I think the white accent really helps sell it.

Logo color combinations

@begoodstudio on Instagram

Faded orange, navy blue, tan. Another nice pairing.

Motorcycle club logo design

@anggadwi on Instagram

Another blue and yellow pairing, but with different shades. These two really jump off the page.

Brown and yellow color scheme

@nathanieln on Instagram

This is almost like a faded, pastel-like version of the UPS branding.

Pink brown and tan

@korymiller on Instagram

This would be one of my top picks of the entire lot. Out of context it immediately reminds me of ice cream.

Blue and orange

@darmadendy on Instagram

Yet again we find ourselves with blue and orange/yellow, only in different shades. It’s amazing how different shades of the same general colors can offer such variety.

Best logo color combinations

@begoodstudio on Instagram

This is one sharp color combo. I’ll have to save this for future reference.

Aloha Hawaii logo design

@elevencreativee on Instagram

Brown, blue and yellow is something I never would’ve thought of on my own, but now that I see it, it looks sharp. It has a real laid back sort of vibe.

Summer logo colors

@brazhnikova_ekaterina on Instagram

This medley reminds me of a hot summer day.

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