14 Best 70s Color Palettes with HEX Codes Included

70s Color Palettes with HEX Codes Inlcuded

In this post we’ll be taking a trip back in time and exploring 14 samples of 70s color palettes with HEX codes included so that you can use them for inspiration in your own design work.

70s Color Palettes with HEX Codes

The following examples were grabbed from Pinterest. Each color palette will be linked to the original source along with credit attributed within the caption. The HEX codes will also be cited under each image in case you’d like to copy and paste them directly from this post.

1. Mel’s Drive-In

Mel's Drive-In
#e1b10f, #e0cdd0, #fb9ab6, #448a9a (credit: rebloggy.com on Pinterest)

A retro drive-in restaurant with a nice mix of blues and pinks.

2. Yellow Beetle

Yellow Beetle
#688052, #c4e2e2, #fa9584, #f9ae54 (credit: ariellevey.com on Pinterest)

A yellow Beetle against a pale blue sky.

3. Retro Van

Retro van
#344126, #f3b87b, #bb6c5d, #352921 (credit: jess.nivublog.com on Pinterest)

The red dress against the dull yellow color of the van makes for a nice contrast with the muddy shade of the trees in the background.

4. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses
#6f583d, #7096d2, #e0a23d, #505221 (credit: wallpaper.nactumu.com on Pinterest)

The aged appeal of this photo along with the contrasting colors makes for one of my preferred 70s color palettes with hex.

5. Sunflower

#65b0bb, #56432d, #e1dac7, #e1aa46 (credit: youtube.com on Pinterest)

Another aged photograph with a style reflective of the 70s.

6. Surfing Trip

Surfing Trip
#859ca2, #d3cdc6, #53838b, #38150f (credit: cntraveller.com on Pinterest)

A car straight out of the 70s, parked at the beach with some surfboards strapped to the roof.

7. Roy’s Motel Cafe

Roy's Motel Cafe
#924431, #cfc4b6, #83aea7, #574634 (credit: behance.net on Pinterest)

More 70s color palettes with HEX codes inspired directly from vintage style signs. Love the look of this one!

8. Blue Springs Bowling

Blue Springs Bowling
#59a8a3, #9e3532, #eaded0, #2e465e (credit: etsy.com on Pinterest)

9. Open Road

Open Road
#a0cbd8, #60534c, #fadb6a, #a7ada6 (credit: Current/Elliott on Pinterest)

Yellow, brown, and blue work really well together assuming you can get the shades right.

10. Motel 66

Motel 66
#4dacb4, #dcdce0, #d3a06e, #e4d7b8 (credit: issuu.com on Pinterest)

A soft pastel-like color palette, inspired by yet another vintage road sign.

11. 24 Hour Bowling

#79faef, #064a5a, #f8b591, #f4473a (credit: issuu.com on Pinterest)

A vibrant color palette inspired by a neon sign for a bowling alley.

12. Sunny Day

Sunny Day
#fca815, #923a21, #e4c5a7, #6b724e (credit: bohemiandiesel.com on Pinterest)

No compilation of 70s color palettes with HEX codes would be complete without a yellow van in a sunny field.

13. 70s Fashion

70s Fashion
#742e12, #d28a2d, #bfbda2, #2f6c68 (credit: google.mv on Pinterest)

A color palette inspired by 70s apparel.

14. Groovy Shades

Groovy Shades
#e45356, #7da75e, #fae679, #4182bc (credit: katie rose on Pinterest)

More apparel from the 70s including a nice mix and match of colors.

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  1. Hello Nick

    please , how to reproduce or realize these colors on our designs with inkscape?
    Thanks Nick

    1. Just copy and paste the image into Inkscape, then use the dropper tool to sample one of the colors to your designs.

  2. Great color palettes nick, I especially love the surf one, something very nostalgic about it.

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