11 Best Photography Logo Fonts for 2020 | Free Download

Photography logo fonts

In this post I’ll be sharing a collection of the 11 best photography logo fonts that can be downloaded and used commercially, free of charge.

My criteria for choosing these fonts is that they must have a hand drawn, personalized signature sort of look. This is the style that tends to work best for photography logos when you consider the context. When someone hires a photographer, they’re seeking a personalized experience, so a personalized look is what resonates.

Photography Logo Fonts

Simply click the image associated with each font to be taken to the download page.

1. Abuget

Abuget font

A handwriting brush typeface by Khurasan.

2. Radicalis


A handwritten font series in stylish signature script, by Din Studio.

3. Rembank


A stylish script font by Garisman Studio that has just the right personalized style for a photography logo.

4. Onelove

Onelone photography logo fonts

This stylish signature font has more of a free flowing form for a more personalized, signature sort of look.

5. Tahu!

Tahu font

A brush stroke typeface in a heavier weight. This font may be a good option if you’d like to ensure that your logo can scale to small sizes and still be legible.

6. Darcey Oliver

Darcey Oliver font

A new elegant signature font by Eldertype Studio, debuted in February of this year.

7. Quentin


A nice brush script font by Get Studio. This one has a bit more personality and texture to it.

8. Reading

Reading font

A signature font by Mega Type, first seen in March of 2018. This one is specified as a photography logo font, but its personalized appeal would make it very compatible.

9. Stay Classy

Stay Classy free fonts

A handwriting font by Solidtype. I always like a font that has a lot of vertical depth to it.

10. Lemon Tuesday

Lemon Tuesday

Another stylish handwriting font. This one has a less formal appeal and looks like it was drawn with an acrylic pen.

11. Raustila

Raustila font

The last of our photography logo fonts is Raustila by Alit Design, featuring a stylish brush stroke stroke.

Bonus Font: Your Own Signature!

Custom signature watermark made with GIMP

As I mentioned previously, photography logos tend to work best when they communicate a personalized look and feel, and what better way to personalize your logo than to use your own signature? Fortunately, it’s not difficult at all to write your signature out on a piece of paper, take a picture of it, and trace over it with free software like GIMP. In fact, I made a tutorial demonstrating how to do so a while back, which can be watched here.

Get Started with GIMP!

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7 thoughts on “11 Best Photography Logo Fonts for 2020 | Free Download

  1. Thanks for these! I looked them up on dafont and the only ones that are actually free for commercial use are Abuget and Darcey Oliver. The rest say only for personal use. This could get a lot of folks in trouble if they aren’t careful. Might want to pick other fonts that are actually 100% free…

      1. UPDATE: I went through the post and removed the fonts that are no longer free for commercial use and replaced them with fonts that are free for commercial use. So everything should be fine now.

        All of the fonts that were no longer free for commercial use were by a particular studio who seems to have changed the licensing of their fonts after releasing them to the public for free. That seems underhanded and predatory to me, so I won’t be promoting them on this site any longer. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!

  2. Thanks for everything Nick. I’ve learned so much with you.
    I love Inkscape but still struggle with Gimp so I grabbed your tutorials.
    Now to just figure out how to get paid…

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