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My 14 Best Free Logo Fonts | Personal and Commercial Use Included

My 14 Best Free Logo Fonts | Personal and Commercial Use Included 800 470 Nick Saporito

In my 8 years of being a full-time logo designer I’ve used and come across many different fonts, but the fonts that I use most often today have been reduced down to a small handful of reliable free fonts that never fail me. In this post I’ll be sharing 14 of my best free logo fonts that are free for both personal and commercial use (meaning you can use them for client projects and for your own logo.)

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Free Fonts

Choosing the right font can be tricky, and for more than just the obvious reason of finding a design that fits. Many fonts are only available through purchase of a license, and even more fonts are free for personal use but require the purchase of a license if you want to use them commercially (like for client work.) This can be a headache because it means your usage of them comes with legal ramifications, which can put you in a precarious position. This is why I’ve grown to love fonts that are 100% free and available in the public domain.

Here are some places where the best free logo fonts can be found…

  1. Font Squirrel: This is probably my favorite site for free fonts because all of the fonts that can be found on this site are 100% free for personal and commercial use, meaning you can use them in any way without worry. Not only that but they have good editorial standards, so you know that stolen fonts aren’t likely to appear on the site.
  2. Dafont: Dafont is probably the largest library of free fonts that I’ve seen, but you have to be careful though because most of the fonts on that site are only free for personal use, meaning you can’t use them for client projects (or for your own logo) unless you pay for a license. What I like to do is simply filter the search results so that it only shows fonts that are 100% free. When you do that, Dafont can be a great site for finding the best free logo fonts.
  3. Google Fonts: I don’t have much experience with Google Fonts personally but I know a lot of designers use and recommend them (and a lot of you guys have mentioned them as well.)
  4. Adobe Fonts: Technically not free but it does come free with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription if you’re a member. This one does include premium fonts though so you still have to be careful of how you use them.

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Best Free Logo Fonts

Below you’ll find a list of 14 of my favorite best free logo fonts that you can download and add to your collection.

1. Acre

Acre font

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Acre is a simple and sleek, no nonsense sans font that works great in almost any context. If you like Acre as much as I do you can even purchase the entire font family for a variety of different weights and styles.

2. Beacon

Beacon font

Beacon works great for anything that needs to communicate fun, whimsical, natural, organic. Its heavy weight makes it great for logo design too.

3. Com4t


Com4t has been a superstar for me any time I needed to communicate something luxurious and high-end. A long-time favorite of mine!

4. FreeSerif

Free serif font

“FreeSerif” is great whenever you need to communicate something traditional or authoritative, like a newspaper or law firm.

5. Lato

Lato logo font

Lato’s versatility knows no bounds. I’ve found that it really shines when used in a relaxed and casual but somewhat professional context, like a logo for an app or an SAAS product. And I love that it comes in a variety of weights!

6. League Gothic

League Gothic

My love for League Gothic is no secret. I use it for nearly all of my blog post headers and YouTube thumbnails. It’s also one of the best free logo fonts out there!

7. Learning Curve Pro

Learning Curve Pro

Sometimes you need to communicate some personalized and handmade, but also keep it appropriate for a professional setting. Learning Curve Pro is an exceptional font for such.

8. Lemon Tuesday

Lemon Tuesday

A great font for communicating a fun, spunky, personalized vibe. I envision this sort of font working great for a food blog.

9. Michroma


Michroma is the perfect font for depicting something technological and/or scientific.

10. Milkshake


A beautiful cursive font with the perfect weight for logo design.

11. Montserrat


Montserrat can be used for literally anything. It’s one of the most versatile fonts I know of, and the fact that it comes in a variety of weights just reinforces it’s status of one of my best free logo fonts.

12. Orbitron


I’ve found Orbitron to be quite useful when depiction something technological or industrial.

13. Tex Gyre Adventor 

Tex Gyre Adventor

I’ve probably used Tex Gyre Adventor more than any other free logo font. It works great as subtext, and it’s a great free alternative to Avante Garde, which is what I use for the Logos By Nick branding.

14. Xscale

Xscale font

Another heavy weight font that works great for technological depictions. I’ve found that it also works well for sports and fitness-related logos if you shear it a bit.

Need Recommendations?

If you’d like me to recommend a free logo font for a particular need you have, or if you’d like to recommend any yourself, simply leave a comment below!

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