Inkscape Dark Theme for Windows Mac and Linux | 3-Click Installation

In this tutorial I’ll be going over how you can install the Inkscape dark theme found in version 1.0 as well as older versions 0.92.4 and 0.92.5. Before you proceed with this tutorial, please make sure that you know which version of Inkscape you’re working with and follow the instructions for that particular version.

If you don’t know which version you’re running, go to Help > About Inkscape.

Inkscape current version
Go to Help > About

Inkscape Dark Theme for Version 1.0 and Up

On May 5th, 2020 Inkscape released version 1.0. You can read more about all of the new features on the Wiki page here. One of the more highly anticipated features introduced in version 1.0 is a built-in dark theme!

To activate Inkscape’s dark theme in versions 1.0 and above, open the Inkscape Preferences menu (control + shift + p) and then navigate to Interface > Theme and check the box that reads “use dark theme.”

You can see how the new Inkscape dark theme works in the following video I made where I briefly went over some of the new features in version 1.0 (the dark theme segment starts at the 00:47 mark.)

The written instructions are as follows.

Step 1: Open Inkscape Preferences

The new dark theme in Inkscape version 1.0 is located in the Inkscape Preferences menu, which can be accessed by navigating to Edit > Preferences, or by pressing control + shift + p on your keyboard.

Here’s a snapshot of the Preferences menu…

Inkscape preferences menu

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Theme

With the Preferences menu opened, navigate to Interface > Theme and check the box that reads “Use dark theme“.

Choosing the dark theme in Preferences

Here’s how the new dark theme looks in Inkscape version 1.0…

New Inkscape dark theme
Click to enlarge

There’s also other themes to choose from, as well and some redesigned icons, so be sure to browse through the library to find what you like best!

Inkscape Dark Theme for Version 0.92.4 and 0.92.5

Inkscape versions 0.92.4 and 0.92.5 do not come with a dark theme built in, so we’ll have to install it manually. Check the video tutorial below, or proceed to the written instructions.

Here is how the dark theme looks with updated icons…

Before and after dark theme
A before and after of the dark theme

The first step is to download the dark theme package here:

This was originally shared on Gnome-Look by Abdullah Ragb, who was kind of enough to let me make a modified version for Windows users, using my own icon theme.

Please note that in the zipped folder there’s a sub folder titled “Original Files”. Those are the default theme files that Inkscape comes with in case you’d like to revert back at any point in the future.

Step 1: Replace Theme File

Go to Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > Inkscape > Share > Themes > MS-Windows > gtk-2.0

Once you’re in that folder, simply delete the file titled “gtkrc” and replace it with the gtkrc file from the “New Files” sub folder in the Dark-Theme-92 zip. Make sure to copy and paste the folder titled “ui” into that same directory as well.

UPDATE 3/5/2019: Many of you have remarked that you’d like the work space (the white canvas) to be dark as well, so I’ve created another brief tutorial for how to do so here.

Step 2: Replace Icons File

Now head over to Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > Inkscape > Share > Icons

Look for a file titled icons.svg and delete it. Now replace it with the icons.svg file from the Dark-Theme-92 zip. If you’d like to use those icon designs for the standard theme Inkscape comes with, you can download a copy for the light theme here.

If you currently have Inkscape running, close out of it and start it up again. Your dark theme should now be active!

Inkscape dark theme
Click to enlarge

If you have any questions or input, please leave a comment below. As always, thanks for watching!

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139 thoughts on “Inkscape Dark Theme for Windows Mac and Linux | 3-Click Installation

  1. I’m a user of Linux so I reckon I’m out of luck as far as Dark Theme goes, since when I download 1.0.1 and go to preferences etc, and click Dark Theme, nothing happens.

    1. It may be that your OS is overriding the theme. The silver lining for you though is that as a Linux user, you have access to system-wide themes that can work on all of your applications rather than just Inkscape. When I used Ubuntu I liked to use the Vertex Dark theme, which made Inkscape (and every other application) dark.

  2. hello nick,
    i just updated to 1.0.1 and it brings some good functionality as duplicate guides, but a loooot of icons disapeared! they are really big and even in “smallest” option they are too big. any solution for this? i would like to go back to the theme in this post but can not find how…

  3. Hey Nick!!! I just started to learn Inkscape and wanna have a dark mode like the one shown above. The latest version when I’m writing is 1.0.1. Will there be any updates for this icon pack???

    1. Hi Aklian, I haven’t designed new icons for version 1.0 and above yet. The new icon packs are very nice as they are, so I don’t think I’ll be designing new ones.

  4. For some reason, my Inkscape 1.0 doesn’t have that icons.svg file where you show it is. Is there a new way to customize them with the update?

  5. Hi Nick, I am a huge fan of dark mode, but when I set it, and also change the background to dark, I have a dark page too. (probably has nothing to do with dark mode, just dark background)
    In your video you seem to have the same white page (although rewatching I don’t see that. Hmmm… I am not sure where I saw that. I am bouncing around a little.)
    But the point being, it’s a little difficult to work without the white page. I realise that I can put a white rectangle down first, and work on top of that.
    Maybe it doesn’t matter too much, now I think about it.
    But it seems strange, and I would like to know why.
    I have Inkscape 1.0 on Windows 10

  6. Is there a way to have 9.2 Dark Grey Theme on 1.0. The 1.0 version is too dark (Black) and I prefer the old 9.2 Version.

  7. on the inkscape (application)>edit>preference>interface the “theme” does not appear. i have followed every single steps and have repeated the whole process many times but i still got nothing. my version is inkscape 0.92.4. hope you can help me :<

    1. There is no theme option in that version of Inkscape. The theme option is in version 1.0 and above. For your version of Inkscape you’d have to use the method that I went over for your version. It’s towards the bottom of the post.

  8. Nick, I love the dark theme, how do I go about making the icons smaller like you have on your screen?

  9. I am unable to get icons like yours that are shown in your inkscape tutorials as i use 1.0 version. please help me to solve it out!

  10. I’m doing the Celtic Knot tutorial and I’m stuck at the Stroke the Path part of the tutorial. You mentioned in your overview of Inkscape 1.0 the Stroke to Path stays filled. How does it become unfilled so I can finish the tutorial? Thanks and keep up the outstanding work.

  11. Hi Nick! I’m a new fan of yours! BTW, the version of Inkscape I downloaded is 1.0 (4035a4fb49, 2020-05-01), is there still a way I can change it to dark mode in this version? I tried follow thru your instructions however, it shows a different folder under one folder. I tried to look for the file name but I can’t seem to find it.

      1. Hi Nick, Thank you so much for the amazing tutorial videos! I was able to get a dark theme in Inkscape 1.0 by changing preferences but what about the icons? How do I get the icons and icon behaviour shown in your videos on Inkscape 1.0?

          1. Hi Nick! Thank you for your amazing work on your videos, courses and all the tips & guidelines.
            I’m using Inkscape version 1.0 and I get to use the built in dark mode but how do I get the same icons you use in version 0.92.4 & 0.92.5?
            Blessings to you

          2. To change the icons for versions 0.93 and above, this link answers

            You have to create the appropriate folders and file names in the share/icons folder .

            PS: Nick, this reply is meant for the your last reply on this comment. For some reasons I can find the reply button on that particular reply.

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