Color palettes with blue

16 Color Palettes with Blue | HEX Codes Included

16 Color Palettes with Blue | HEX Codes Included 800 470 Nick Saporito

For those who love blue, in this post I’ll be sharing 16 color palettes with blue that you can use as inspiration for your design projects. The HTML HEX codes are included with each color palette.

These palettes are based on a 3-color scheme. Be sure to check out my post about 3-color combinations for logo design if you want more inspiration.

Color Palettes with Blue

All color palettes were hand-picked by yours truly utilizing photos from Pixabay.

1. Ocean Sunset

Ocean sunset

#ffce3f, #06304b, #0094b6

A color palette derived from a photo of a sunset over the beach.

2. Glacier


#c4c7d7, #2f96b2, #0a1935

A glacier color palette with blue and gray.

3. Blue Jay

Blue jay

#a2d033, #143c64, #62b2cb

A blue jay perched on a tree limb, utilizing several shades of blue.

4. Mountain Skyline

Mountain skyline

#f76d3c, #03a9d9, #1f3a1a

Mountains with sunlight and pine trees being reflected in a blue body of water.

5. Wheat


#f1c36e, #093172, #b0b6c1

Wheat field up against a blue sky.

6. Flow Petals

Flower petals

#9fb007, #007eca, #706979

A color palette with blue and green.

7. Pollen


#f7ae00, #1b75c5, #11361b

A blooming flower with yellow pollen.

8. Purple and Blue

Color palette with blue and purple

#009ff5, #0c0d47, #a837ed

An interesting color palette with blue and purple.

9. Sea Breeze

Sea breeze

Some saw grass against a beach backdrop.

10. Floral Variety


#ff72c0, #0c3179, #6d9d3c

A floral color palette that includes blue, green, and pink.

11. AquaWaters

Aqua waters

#dfb574, #006c85, #2eb8a7

Beach color palette with aqua waters.

12. Grassy Hill

Grassy hill

#ffad49, #082fea, #1b9000

A bright, sunny color palette incorporating green, blue, and yellow.

13. Cloudy Skies

Cloudy skies

#a49f3d, #18496e, #caa57a

Cloudy skies over some hills and mountains. More of an earth tone color palette.

14. Bright Pastels

Bright pastels

#e6f774, #7cb3ee, #df397f

A bright and sunny color palette reminiscent of Easter.

15. Exotic Bird

Exotic bird

#03243a, #0c77b4, #ffb70a

An exotic bird that makes for a nice color palette with contrasting shades of blue and yellow.

16. Sunflower Vase

Sunflower vase

#d3d1c1, #2595a2, #fcd327

Some sunflowers in a white vase. Makes for a cheerful color palette.

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