Wrap text around a circle with Inkscape

Wrap Text Around A Circle with Inkscape | Beginner Tutorial

Wrap Text Around A Circle with Inkscape | Beginner Tutorial 800 470 Logos By Nick

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to easily wrap text around a circle with Inkscape. This is something that can be done in 2 clicks! Let’s get started.

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A few years ago I put together a brief video tutorial demonstrating how to wrap text around a circle with Inkscape. You can watch it here…

This is not something that is too difficult to explain in written format though, so if you’re pressed for time and would prefer a quick written overview, read on.

Wrap Text Around A Circle with Inkscape

To wrap text around a circle with Inkscape, simply select both the text and the circle, then navigate to Text > Put on Path in the menu.

Here’s a couple of examples to get us started. We have a circle and we also have some text…

Text and circle

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To wrap the text around a circle we will be using the put on path feature. Simply select both the text and the circle, either by shift-clicking them or clicking and dragging a selection over both (using the Select tool,) then navigate to Text > Put on Path in the menu.

This will place your text around the outside edge of the circle…

Text on path

You can change the position of the text on the circle by rotating just the circle. Make sure you only rotate the circle though! If you try to rotate the text itself it will remove it from its position on the path.

Rotating text on a path

If you’d like to alter how much of the circle’s circumference the text occupies, you can scale the circle up or down accordingly.


Notice how the space that the text occupies changes as the size of the circle changes.

It should also be noted that you can continue to edit your text with the Text tool, the same way you would any other text object, when it’s placed on a path. So you can still change the font, size, and contents if you’d like.

Wrap Text Around The Inside Of A Circle

If you’d like to wrap your text around the inside of the circle rather than the outside, you can reverse the path of the circle by simply clicking on the circle and navigating to Path > Reverse in the menu toolbar.

This will flip the orientation of the circle, even though nothing visually changes…

Wrap text around the inside of a circle

And that is how you can wrap text around a circle with Inkscape! Once you are finished, simply click on the text and convert it to a path by going to Path > Object To Path. This will finalize the text around the circle so that it doesn’t get lost later on when designing further.

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