New Icons for Inkscape
New Icons for Inkscape 848 310 Nick Saporito

After 5+ years, it’s safe to say I’ve grown tired of looking at the dated clipart-style icons used in Inkscape, so I decided to try my hand at redesigning them. Inkscape is powerful software capable of taking market share away from Adobe’s Illustrator, so I think it should look the part. The goal with these…

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How To Make Inkscape Go Dark
How To Make Inkscape Go Dark 848 310 Nick Saporito

The question I’m most commonly asked by newcomers to my Youtube channel is why Inkscape appears dark on my system and how they can do the same, since it isn’t an available feature in any version of Inkscape to date. Inkscape with a dark theme & updated icons Check out my post about updating Inkscape’s icons…

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Why I Don’t Like Inkscape 0.91: An Honest Review
Why I Don’t Like Inkscape 0.91: An Honest Review 848 310 Nick Saporito

UPDATE: As some of you have pointed out, a lot of these points do not seem to be an issue on Windows or other Linux distros, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. The problems I’m having may not apply to you, but they still apply to me, so I’m just sharing…

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