Free Social Media Icons SVG: Vector Pack for 2017

When designing promotional materials for my clients, I often find myself having to include social media handles alongside their phone number and email addresses. In the year 2016,  social media is just as much a communication tool as phone, email and web. Because of that, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be regularly using social media icons in your own design work, whether it be for business cards, postcards, flyers, social media headers, and so on. In this post I’ve put together a pack of free social media icons SVG format for you to download.

Up until recently, I went about obtaining these icons simply by Googling them and downloading them directly from the platform’s website. This method is rather inefficient and disorganized (especially when you’re working on multiple projects that call for the use of these graphics,) so I finally dedicated a little bit of time to putting together a document of all the major social media platforms’ logos in up-to-date, monotone, vector format. This way, when I need them, I simply import the file into whatever I’m working on, use what I need, then discard the rest.

Free Social Media Icons SVG

Free Social Media Icon Pack


You can download this set of icons in true vector .svg format here: Social-Media-Icon-Pack.svg

I suggest saving it to a folder where you can readily access it whenever you need to include any kind of social media handles in your design work.

As you may already know, the logos and branding of these platforms change quite frequently, so make sure to keep a pulse on what the latest designs are in case you ever need to update your file.

Update May 19th, 2016: Speaking of frequent logo changes, Instagram recently changed their logo, so I’ve updated the file including Instagram’s new logo. Enjoy, and happy designing!

Update December 10th, 2017: As you may already know, Youtube recently changed their logo, so I’ve updated these files to reflect that.

New Stylized Pack for 2018

Social media logos for 2018
New Free Vector Pack for 2018

Since these icons have been such a hit, I decided to create another stylized icon pack that you can use right out of the box without any additional design work. Check out my flat social media icon pack for 2018!

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14 thoughts on “Free Social Media Icons SVG: Vector Pack for 2017

  1. From a legal standpoint (with the social media platforms, not you necessairly):
    Are we able to edit these and publish to a business website?

    I read that these companies have specifications on how you may/may not alter their images…

    Any knowledge regarding this would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

    1. Every company that can be disclosed has a visual identity manual that is contained therein any and all changes allowed of its symbols, logos and logos. Usually all of them have negative and positive monochrome versions and their respective colors and their codes.
      A business page should always follow these rules contained in the identity books.
      Generally they will not create any problems if you make some slight changes, obviously you can not check all the pages of the planet they use, but it’s okay to follow the correct one.

  2. Thank You Nick for this awesome pack and for your tutorial on Youtube. Dirgahayu Nick!

    Fist Bump from Malaysia

  3. thank you I was looking for these logos. I did the same approach as you, but I was not quite happy with the images I have saved. Now, I don’t need to worry anymore. Many thanks!

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