Negative space typography examples

16 Examples Of Negative Space Typography

16 Examples Of Negative Space Typography 1024 602 Logos By Nick

Utilizing the negative space of a subject to communicate something in addition to what the subject already communicates is a clever technique and something I’ve always been a fan of personally. In this post I’ll be sharing 16 of my favorite negative space typography examples that I found on the internet, in addition to a couple I made myself.

Negative Space Typography

Credit and links are attributed to each example shown.

1. Shift

Shift logo design

This design depicts two arrows within the word “shift” with the negative space between the arrows forming the letter H. Quite clever in several regards, considering how arrows are associated with the shift key on a keyboard.

2. A Tack

Letter A negative space

A simple thumbtack cut out of the middle of a blocky letter A.

3. Bottle

Bottle negative space typography

A literal bottle placed in the negative space between the two T’s of the word “bottle”. The cork on top really helps in emphasizing it. I think it wouldn’t be so readily noticeable without it.

4. Dog

Dog logo

A little side profile of a dog cut into the lower portion of a letter G. Simple and subtle, but not so much that it could be easily overlooked. Negative space typography at its best.

5. Do It

Do it

The I almost slips past you, but the T within the negative space of the O really makes it pop.

6. Elektrik

Electricity logo design

Similar to the shift logo, this one uses the negative space between two lightning bolts to form the letter K.

7. SE

SE logo design

By Andrei Pasternak

This one is both clever and executed quite well. I really like the consistency in the thickness of the entire S.

8. Key

Key logo design

I particularly like how the E in this one matches the style of the other letters, as if they’re all cut from the same font.

9. One

One logo design

By Maurizio Pagnozzi via Behance

It takes very careful execution to get a design concept like this right with line thickness and whatnot. Great design!

10. Open Door

Negative space door logo

This one plays with perspective a bit to depict an open door within a letter E. Very imaginative.

11. Puzzle Piece

Puzzle typography

Here’s some negative space typography of my own — the letters in “puzzle” comprised of puzzle pieces, some of which utilize the negative space. I actually came up with this design somewhat by mistake when I was creating a logo for a client’s escape room. I was experimenting with the possibility of using puzzle pieces to make the name, then realized I could easily spell “puzzle” with them.

12. S1

s1 design

It looks like the 1 is intertwined with the S. Nicely done.

13. Unity

Unit negative space typography

The alternating between positive and negative space in the letters is just brilliant.

14. Up

UP arrow letters

A very simple “up” with an arrow forming a letter U and the P appearing within the negative space.

15. USB

USB logo design

Quite a clever depiction of an isometric USB plug comprised of the USB letters, but with the B being the negative space.

16. 63 Logo Design

63 logo

Here’s another design of my own. This, much like the puzzle logo, was also discovered somewhat by mistake when designing something for a client. It got a lot of traction on Instagram when I posted last year. I’ve since sold the design.

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