14 Nature Color Palettes with HEX

14 Nature Color Palettes with HEX Codes

14 Nature Color Palettes with HEX Codes 1024 602 Logos By Nick

Nature is a great place to turn to when you need inspiration for a color palette. In this post I’ll be sharing 14 example of nature color palettes with HEX codes included.

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All of these were generated utilizing free photos from Pixabay. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out my post about the best color combinations for logo design.

Nature Color Palettes

1. Burnt Orange and Creme

Burnt orange and creme color palette

HEX: #fdf2b8, #e88200, ##cb2800, #34262b

This could work really well for a retro/vintage poster.

2. Coffee Bean Color Palette

Chocolate Coffee Colors

HEX: #f4e0cb, #9b4c38, #413333

This could work just as well for something chocolate-related.

3. Flowers at Sunrise

Floral sunrise nature color palette

HEX: #e8d3a3, #ffa633, #3b5a9d, #4fb2aa

A soft pastel-like palette that contrasts nicely.

4. Lily Pad

Lily pad colors

HEX: #e2e2b9, #b4e001, #1458c7

5. Tropical Island

Sunny island color hex

HEX: #fff8d8, #6db9d5, #072e74, #a4c100

If you’re looking for a nature color palette reflective of a sunny tropical island, here you go!

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6. Jungle

Jungle color palette

HEX: #eabaacf, #be3400, #020d22, #015045

The perfect color scheme for something jungle, rain forest, or wildlife-related.

7. Spring Floral Colors

Spring colors

HEX: #f5cbb7, #e77e9b, #5c4e5f, #5d6f66

This one immediately makes me think of spring and Easter.

8. Pastel Rose Color Palette

Pastel rose color

HEX: #f3c58f, #f07579, #ce3536, #747c24

A nature color palette inspired by pink roses.

9. Sea Foam

Sea foam color palette

HEX: #e3ded9, #bba686, #416270, #8aa4ab

A beach-inspired color scheme fitting for a relaxing ocean front.

10. Winter Sunrise

Winter sunrise colors

HEX: #ffb6a2, #ff4674, #4c3277

A more vibrant Easter sort of color palette.

11. Summer Fun

Summer fun

HEX: f3a001, #ccccf4, #0077c5, #313853

I could see this working quite well for a water park or some other summertime fun theme. The yellow adds the perfect contrast.

12. Exotic Bird

Exotic birds

HEX: #4f2d20, #ff9d1e, #019fd3, #bee600

Here’s a fun, exotic, tropical sort of color palette inspired from an exotic-looking bird.

13. Violet

Violet color scheme

HEX: #ffd604, #c0003a, #4f2e66

A violet, yellow and deep pink color palette.

14. Blossoming Flower

Yellow, purple and green color combination

HEX: #f9c233, #705860, #211a28, #346830

Green, purple and yellow aren’t colors you’d typically think of when it comes to combinations, but this palette just goes to show that if you hit the right shades and everything contrasts, it can work great.

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