12 Professional Logos Made with Inkscape in 2018

Inkscape logo exmaples

If you’ve been following my content for any period of time, it’s probably no secret that Inkscape is my preferred vector graphics application, and this includes logo design. I’ve been designing logos professionally with Inkscape for 7 years now, and in this post I’ll be sharing 12 of my Inkscape logo examples that were designed for actual paying clients this year.

Inkscape Logo Examples From 2018

Here’s some of the designs I’ve cooked up for my clients so far in 2018…

1. Ballers In Progress

Basketball progress logo

A simple logo design that depicts a loading bar with a basketball pattern within it.

2. Capsule Smart Homes

Capsule smart homes logo

A logo that depicts a house within a capsule.

3. A Better Deal

Deals logo design

This Inkscape logo example was for a premium domain name for sale. It’s a simple wordmark with “deal” accentuated and placed within the negative space of a price tag.

4. I Migliori Di Fifa

FIFA gaming logo example

A simple badge-style design for a FIFA video game which depicts a controller and a soccer ball (or football, for my non-US readers 🙂 )

5. Filmotion

Film motion logo design

This one depicts the letter F as a film reel with lines of motion.

6. Gamers’ Haven


GH castle logo

A simple and versatile design that depicts the letters GH within a castle. Just to give some context to this Inkscape logo example, “gaming” refers to board games; not video games. That’s why we went with a castle.

7. Tub Hero

Hot tub logo

Simple logo design for a hot tub company. Moving water and bubbles are depicted.

8. Snowbooked

Mountain goat logo

A goat standing on a snowy mountain with the sun rising behind it.

9. Crown Of Tresses

Organic skin care logo

A line of organic skincare and hair products. This one uses a line art style of a woman with her arm as a branch with leaves and flowers growing off of it in order to emphasize the organic aspect.

10. Inscryb

Stingray logo

A colorful, flat-style logo based on a stingray.

11. El Cheapo Moving Company

Tex-Mex style logo design

A logo design for a moving company in Texas. The client wanted to go with a Tex-Mex style.

12. Righteous Rebels

Vintage farm logo

A Star Wars-inspired logo for a farm.

To see more professionally-designed Inkscape logo examples, be sure to check out my portfolio!

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19 thoughts on “12 Professional Logos Made with Inkscape in 2018

  1. These all look really cool. El Cheapo and Righteous Rebels are my personal favorites out of the list. Both are similar in design style with the fancy fonts, circular, and rustic look.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I’ve been following your work since you started your YouTube channel and I’m a great fan of yours and Inkscape as well.
    In logo design related contents I often hear this principle that the logo itself should not be part of the typeface – in case of the Filmotion logo, it’s heavily incorporated. I was wondering what’s your stance on this point in general and how that logo still came to be.
    Thanks a lot and keep up the creative flow!


    1. Hi Adam, thanks for your support! I don’t know who you heard that from, but it sounds like pretentious gatekeeping to me. Plenty of great logos are wordmark designs — Amazon, Gillette, Disney, FedEx, Google, Netflix. I can go on forever.

  3. Awesome work. I was thinking about switching to Illustrator to obtain better results, but you do and awesome job with Inkscape, so in the end I think I’ll stay with it.

    Do you use Inkscape for gradients too?

  4. Can you use Inkscape for the whole logo project, start to finish, or do you need Adobe Illustrator for saving the logo to any needed image format that you give to your logo clients? Thanks!

        1. It doesn’t allow you to output files with a CMYK color profile, which is required for accurate printing. If you print an RGB document certain shades (like greens and yellows) will look muddy and the general appearance of all the colors will be off.

          1. what if i design using inkscape for logos and arts that would print on POD platforms like clothes and mugs phone cases ?

          2. That usually works good enough. I’ve used Inkscape RGB documents on sites like VistaPrint and Spreadshirt. They tend to handle the transfers well.

          3. What is your routine for print then? Do you stille start in inkscape?

            -awesome workshop and tutorials! 🙂

          4. Yes I still design with Inkscape because it’s what I’m most comfortable and familiar with. When something needs to be prepared for print I’ll just design it with Inkscape then open it with Illustrator to get the color profiles set. Fortunately Inkscape files are quite compatible with Illustrator.

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