Beach sunset color palettes

12 Beach Sunset Color Palettes with HEX Codes

12 Beach Sunset Color Palettes with HEX Codes 1024 602 Nick Saporito

In this post I’ll be sharing a collection of 12 beach sunset color palettes that I created based on some example photographs found on Pixabay. These color palettes were created with the intention of logo design in mind, so I made sure to abide by my own guidelines for color usage in logos and kept it limited to 3 colors.

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As I’ve talked about in the past, using 1 or 2 colors in a logo works great, but creating sunset color palettes with any less than 3 colors just wouldn’t do these photographs any justice.

Beach Sunset Color Palettes

Each color palette has its corresponding HEX code typed out in order so you can simply copy and paste them if you’d like.

Example 1

#795e42, #289aa9, #fbdc5c

A nice combination of brown, blue and yellow. The sunset aspect may not be represented well enough in this palette, but still nice regardless.

Example 2

#fbcc0a, #743a6d, #e63552

This one has a pastel sort of theme.

Example 3

#aa6fa8, #2e285d, #598ad2

Three similar shades, but they contrast well enough.

Example 4

#005f7d, #4d3c34, #fe784c

It’s amazing how you can derive a color palette that you otherwise never would’ve thought of without an amazing photograph like this to draw inspiration from.

Example 5

#ffca6f, #435a91, #a1b5d6

More of a fun, cheery color palette.

Example 6

#33a1d3, #5c4f4f, #ff5b67

A sunset palette with a softer touch.

Example 7

#ffd077, #2d3451, #ff8f77

The deep lavender shade really adds a splash of creativity.

Example 8

#dcfaff, #ffada2, #442643

Maybe not shades you would typically associate with beach sunset color palettes, but still nice regardless.

Example 9

#e84000, #18156e, #0689ff

Bold, sharp colors that pop. What a photo!

Example 10

#fe6e02, #ffcc77, #1f2a4d

Another palette with softer shades. Again, loving the inclusion of purple/lavender into a color scheme. This one has slightly less saturation though.

Example 11

#fdd121, #ff632a, #005f73

A trio that scream “fun”.

Example 12

#edada3, #78a0bc, #213413

Another unorthodox use of color considering the context, but still makes for a fresh appeal.

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