New Icons for Inkscape

After 5+ years, it’s safe to say I’ve grown tired of looking at the dated clipart-style icons used in Inkscape, so I decided to try my hand at redesigning them. Inkscape is powerful software capable of taking market share away from Adobe’s Illustrator, so I think it should look the part.

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The goal with these designs was to create something simple, sleek, effective, and a little more professional looking. Due to time restraints, I’ve only redesigned the tool icons for the time being, but here’s what I was able to come up with…

New Icons Designs for Inkscape

New Tool Icon Designs

And here’s how they look once installed on the dark theme

New Inkscape Icons on Dark Theme

How the Icons Look on the Dark Theme (click to enlarge)

I also created an alternate variation for those of you who prefer the light theme…

New Inkscape Icons on Default Theme

How the Icons Look on the Default Inkscape Theme (click to enlarge)

To download and use these icons yourself, first please make sure to download the proper icon pack for the version of Inkscape you’re using. If not, you will end up with missing icons and broken image links.

For Version 0.91 and Below

If you would like to use these icons on Inkscape version 0.91 and below, here’s a download for both the dark and light theme versions:

For Version 0.92

If you’re using version 0.92, make sure to download this file instead:

Installing on Ubuntu

If you’re using Ubuntu, in order to install these icons you’ll simply have to take the icons file and place it in a specific folder, then rename it “icons.svg”.

Go to your home folder, then go to View > Show Hidden Files. Once the hidden folders appear, go to .config > inkscape > icons. Once you’re in the icons folder, drag whichever icon set you want to use into the folder and change the name of it to “icons.svg”. The new icons will display when you next launch Inkscape.

If you want to remove them and revert back to the original icons that came with Inkscape, just delete that icons.svg file from that folder.

Installing on Windows

Installing these icons in a Windows environment is similarly easy. Open up file explorer, then click on Computer > OS (C:) > Program Files > Inkscape > share > icons.

Once you’re in the icons folder, scroll down until you find the icons.svg file. Icons.svg is the file Inkscape references to display icons on the user interface. Rename this file to “icons_old.svg”, then take your new Inkscape icon pack of choice (icons_dark.svg or icons_light.svg) and click & drag it into the icons folder. Once it’s in the folder, rename it to “icons.svg”. Inkscape will now reference that file and the updated icons will be displayed the next time you open Inkscae.

If you want to revert back to the original Inkscape icons, simply rename icons.svg back to “icons_dark” or “icons_light”, then rename “icons_old.svg” back to “icons.svg”.

Whichever file is named “icons.svg” is going to be the file that Inkscape references when displaying the icons.


I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from Windows users claiming this method does not work for them, which I’ve noticed too when trying to install them on my Windows 8 machine. In this instance, the best way would be to open the default icons.svg file, delete the icons, then copy & paste the new icons from my icons.svg file into the original file, then save. That did the trick for me. Just make sure to create a backup of the original icons.svg file in case you change your mind down the road or something goes wrong in the process.


Feel free to use and share these icons however you’d like. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback on the designs, leave a comment below.

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Nick Saporito is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer who specializes in branding-specific design.

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  • HASS9

    Hey thanks for making this and sharing it. Overall it looks really clean and sleek. Did you get the command bar icons and dialog icons in a pack? The dialog ones take less space than the default it seems judging from the picture.

    The UI layout you have there on the picture is really great as well.

  • Husayn Muhammad

    Hey, great icon pack. Currently using with the “Dark” Inkscape theme (from on Windows 10.

    Just wanted to note that when installing the icon pack, I tried putting them in the C:Progam FilesInkscapeshareicons folder, but it seemed like Inkscape kept overwriting the “icons_dark.svg” file (which I renamed to “icons.svg”) with the default “icons.svg” file. So, to get them to show up, I had install them in the hidden, shared inkscape folder.

    For me, it was at C:users(my profile)AppDataRoaminginkscapeicons. I think it was because I’m using a custom “default.svg” template, but for anybody experiencing this when trying to install the icon pack, this fix may work for you.

    Thanks again!

    • Nick Saporito

      I ran into that same problem myself when trying to install these on a Windows 8 machine I have. I should update the post and add that info. Thanks for leaving your solution though. Hopefully that helps someone reading the post and having that same problem.

  • Andrey

    I’ve just started using Inkscape few days ago. After a day or two I started searching for some replacement icons and I must say – these are the best I came along. Great job! There’s only one problem, it appears some new icons were made for Inkscape version 0.91 and they, of course, are not present in your icon pack. So if anyone after installing this icon pack is having “X” marks in places where some icons should be (right now it’s Global Preferences and some Align and Distribute icons) just do this:

    open in Inkscape the default icons.svg file which came with the program (of course back it up somewhere first);
    find and delete 20 default icons;
    copy corresponding icons from Nick’s pack (be sure not to miss the ruler and the 3d cube which are not in the same column as the rest);
    paste them into the default set, any place on the canvas you like (be sure to paste them after you delete the originals, otherwise their Object IDs will be messed up, and IDs are how Inkscape knows which icons go where) and save.

    • Nick

      Thanks for adding to this Andrey. I wasn’t aware of the missing icons. Hopefully anyone who runs into the same problem will see your comment.

  • Deinosk

    I tried to download with this link but after I filled the survey,nothing happened.
    I really appreciate if u send me the direct link to my email. and thank you for this beautiful icon.

  • pamir

    I Nick as a pro inkscape user, I admire your determination to use inkscape over illustrator.

    I have never used illustrator and started and used inkscape in the corportate environment.

    Love your video tuts…keep up the good work…

  • John

    Hey Nick, First off I want to say I’ve learned so much about Inkscape from your videos, so Thank You! Secondly, I’ve been trying to take my newly learned Inskscape skills and build off of your icon file to create the icons you haven’t gotten around to yet. I edited directly over the original icons, but when I load Inkscape they do not appear. Only your edited icons appear. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I even deleted the icons.svg file and had Inkscape load the default icons and then when back to the icons.svg file and my icons don’t appear, but your do. Here’s a link to my svg file:

    You will see that the icons to the top left are edited — I made them flat white.

    Do you know why they are not showing up? Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Victor

    I’ve always used your amazing icons to improve my experience with inkscape (thank you!), but I got a new pc and suddenly there’s no “inkscape” folder on .config
    So I created the folder myself and it didn’t work :/ I’m using 0.92 on a Ubuntu 16.10
    do you know any alternatives?

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