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Free contact icons download

Free contact icons: if you’re doing any kind of design work, chances are you’ll need to include contact information on something at some point, usually on business cards. This tends to be the case on a regular basis for me, at least.

In order to make the design have a more polished and professional look overall, I usually like to include icons before each segment of the contact information, as depicted in the following example of a business card design…

Example of a business card with contact icons

For the longest time I would actually waste a significant amount of time re-creating these icons for each individual project, or go rummaging through past projects where I had used them so I could snag & drop them into a project I was currently working on. I’ve since come to my senses and put together a pack of these icons for me to reference and use in any project that calls for contact information to be included.

free contact icons

Going in order from left to right, the contact values included are: phone, mobile, email, fax, address, and website URL. Those are typically the only values you’ll need for the majority of projects you’ll work on. You’ll also need a set of social media icons as that’s treated as a communication tool these days as well. You can download my set of social media icons here.

These icons were designed to be immediately recognizable as what they represent, and also to be recognizable at small sizes. You’ll notice that I’ve included various different designs for each (standalone, circle, square, etc.)

The icon pack can be downloaded here:

Feel free to use these icons for your own projects — personal use, commercial use, client work, or whatever else. Be sure to leave me some feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you need. I have been watching your tutorials during Lockdown here in South Africa. I knew nothing about Graphic design but now I have a clue and what its all about. Help me set up my YouTube channel

  2. I just bought the 150+ logos bundle, and I just wanted to say… Nice work! I love them

  3. I am doing the tutorial on how to create a business card and when I copied these to inkscape they do not ungroup.

  4. Hi, I’m following your Inkscape tutorial on youtube on how to create a business card. I clicked on your link to download the free contact icons, but I can’t seem to find the download. Is that something that can be emailed to me?

  5. Hi Nick, Thank you very much for your tutorials and free download. You are one of the best instructors I’ve encountered so far!

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