Unique business card shapes

21 Unique Business Card Shapes and Designs To Inspire You

21 Unique Business Card Shapes and Designs To Inspire You 1024 602 Nick Saporito

Business cards don’t always have to be boring. Today I’ll be sharing 21 of the most unique business card shapes, designs, and concepts I’ve found while browsing the internet.

Unique Business Card Shapes and Deigns

Just to be clear, these designs aren’t my own. I did not create them personally, but I’ll be crediting and linking to the source of each design.

1. 3D Skyline

3D skyline

Source: 4Colorprint

Here’s a design that pops — literally. The skyline is raised on a separate piece of material on the back side, the the logo is carved into another layer on the front side.

2. Acrylic Business Card

Acrylic material

Source: Greta Claire

Greta Claire had the brilliant idea of having her business cards printed onto a piece of acrylic. Not only will that catch the attention of the viewer, but I imagine it’s durable and will last longer than standard card stock.

3. Architect


Source: Plasma Design

Here’s a clever design for an architect that gives their business card some utility in that it has a ruler depicted on the edges. From a design standpoint, I can’t imagine how tedious it must’ve been to get those increments of measurement correct from screen to print.

4. Butcher Knife

Butcher knife business card

Source: Jukebox Print

Unique business card shapes like this are a great way to stand out if that’s your goal. The reflective foil on the serrated edge of the knife is a nice touch.

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5. Cassette Tapes

Cassette tape

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a unique business card design that depicts a cassette tape. It opens up like a book and has a slot for a USB drive, which I suppose you could place a demo reel or portfolio pieces on. That’s a lot going on in one business card, and I love the creativity behind it!

6. Coffee Cups

Coffee cup

Source: @inkgility on Instagram

A business card shaped like a disposable coffee cup. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I’m sure this must resonate with plenty of people.

7. Cookies


Source: Bitcookie

These miniature cookie-shaped business cards by Bitcookie would be a great way to tap into your demographic’s sweet tooth.

8. Cooking Utensils


Source: Diomio Print via FitSmallBusiness

One of the most unique business card shapes I’ve seen yet, these negative space cooking utensils are a great way to emphasize your attention to detail as a chef.

9. Pop Up Faces

Pop up faces

Source: 4over4

A fun little concept that allows the viewer to fold the business card in half and have a cartoon face pop out at them. Quite the attention-grabber I’m sure.

10. Finger Holes

Finger holes

Source: Designspiration

A creative concept that turns a boring old business card into a fun character for the kids to play with.

11. Geometric Business Card Design

Geometric business card design

Source: Smriti Kariwal via Behance

This business card uses a cutout of a geometric pattern for a nice, artistic touch.

12. Shopping Bag

Shopping bag

Source: Jukebox Print

Of all the unique business card shapes I’ve seen yet, I think this one is my favorite. It’s literally a miniature paper shopping bag that folds and opens like a standard grocery bag does. Brilliant.

13. Color Palette

Color palette

Source: Cardgala via Designbeep

With this business card design that depicts a literal color palette, you can show people that you’re an artist rather than tell them.

14. Photographer Business Card Design

Photographer business card design

Source: Graphicriver.net

A clever and fun business card design for photographers that depicts a transparent window with photo frames on it. The template for this design can be purchased on Graphic River via the Envato Market.

15. Piano


Source: Flexiprint

A folding business card design in the shape of a piano, courtesy of Flexiprint.

16. Pineapple Skull

Pineapple skull

Source: Silk Cards Pro via Pinterest

One of the most unique business card shapes I’ve seen yet — skull/pineapple. Love the attention to detail that went into this one!

17. Reflective Business Card Material

Reflective business card

Source: Designbby

I’ve seen foil material used on business cards before, but never seen it used in a way that’s nearly reflective of a mirror. I imagine this would be great for beauticians and makeup artists.

18. Watermelon Bite

Watermelon bite

Source: 4over4 via Pinterest

I really like when the design itself interacts with the shape of the card, like what’s happening here in this watermelon bite business card design.

 19. Sandwich


Source: Studio On Fire

Another food-shaped business card design to add to our list of unique business card shapes.

20. Social Speech Bubble

Speech bubble

Source: Michaella Dirkes via Canva.com

A unique way of telling people what you do, this business card is shaped like a speech bubble to emphasize the social aspect of branding.

21. Take-A-Ticket


Source: Counter Creatives

This ticket-style business card is a clever way to play on the double meaning of the name Counter Creatives.

Design Your Own!

Be sure to grab a copy of my free business card template if you’d like to design some creative business cards of your own!

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