Case Studies

GH Logo Design
GH Logo Design
GH Logo Design 1024 602 Nick Saporito

I recently did a logo project for a client whose company initials are H and G. As I usually do, I came up with a variety of design ideas that incorporate the two letters, one of which is the following GH logo design. The client ultimately decided on a completely different design though, so I got…

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10K Analytics Brand Identity
10K Analytics Brand Identity 1024 602 Nick Saporito

10K Analytics is an advanced advisory firm that specializes in helping businesses apply and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to risk management and compliance problems. The firm uses existing data to help find insightful solutions to complex problems a company may be facing. Their target audience is business-to-business — specifically risk management and compliance…

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Uptown suites header
Letter U Logo Design: Uptown Suites Case Study
Letter U Logo Design: Uptown Suites Case Study 850 500 Nick Saporito

Objective To create a letter U logo design for Uptown Suites — a tourism destination offering traveling professionals temporary residence in luxurious, high-end suites in a handful of large metropolitan areas across the US. Naturally, these are people who are looking to pay extra for comfort and amenities, and because of that, the design has…

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Drone logo design
Drone Logo Design for Aerial Photography Service
Drone Logo Design for Aerial Photography Service 1024 602 Nick Saporito

Overview Aerial photography is the process of photographing the ground and/or objects on the ground from above. Images are usually taken using drones, and since drones are becoming more accessible and affordable to the public, an entire industry is arising from it. Aerial photography particularly serves construction sites, land surveys, environmental research, surveillance, commercial advertising…

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Space camp logo design
Cyber Space Camp Logo Design Project
Cyber Space Camp Logo Design Project 1024 602 Nick Saporito A resource dedicated to teaching university students about computer-related sciences, including reverse engineering, vulnerability research, exploit development, video game hacking and other electronics-related projects. In this post I’ll be outlining the design process for a cyber space camp logo design done for a client. This tends to be a field where branding is somewhat…

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