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7 Mind-Blowing Designs Made with Inkscape

7 Mind-Blowing Designs Made with Inkscape 1024 602 Nick Saporito

Being a free and open source resource, people tend to wrongly disregard Inkscape as an amateur application that can’t compare to the likes of Adobe Illustrator. I’ve always tried to demonstrate with my own work that that simply isn’t true though. Aside from a few inconsequential bells and whistles, Inkscape is capable of virtually anything Illustrator is. I even wrote a comparison of the two last year. However, in this post I’m going to step aside briefly and share some really impressive Inkscape designs from other artists who I found while browsing Inkscape hashtag on Instagram. Each designer will be credited beneath the image, and if you click the image it will take you to the native post on Instagram in case you’d like to drop them a compliment and check out their profile.

1. Deer in the Night Sky Illustration

Deer in the night sky vector illustration

credit: @ayman.makroo on Instagram

A very nice use of colors makes the buck appear as a silhouette in the night sky, and what I think really makes this design pop is how it’s all within a circular emblem, but the deer’s antlers extend outside of the boundary. Really nice work!

2. Vector Portrait

credit: @ilhampvrnm on Instagram

Some things just can’t be taught — like the inherent talent and artistic eye that it takes to create something like this! Everything from the lines, shading and improvised colors is absolutely stunning!

3. Fan Art Portrait

credit: @pebzferdi on Instagram

I’m not sure who this is supposed to be fan art of, but whoever it is ought to be flattered because this is some really impressive work. The background is a nice touch.

4. Flat Style Avatars

Flat avatars made with Inkscape

credit: @paulokoki on Instagram

Sometimes less is more, particularly when it comes to flat design. These flat characters look great! Color choice is absolutely crucial when it comes to making this style of design work, and this artist knocked it out of the park.

5. Colorful Low Poly Portrait

Low poly with a colorful twist

credit: @pebzferdi on Instagram

Low poly portraits always tend to have a nice artistic appeal to them, but when you use color like this it just takes it to an entirely different level.

6. Another Vector Portrait

Simulated depth of field

credit: @alifkha7 on Instagram

One thing that really stands out to me about this design — aside from how fluid and smooth it is — is the simulated depth of field that was created by the use of blurring. Really nice touch.

7. Flame Logo

Letter B logo design

credit: @riskimuliaid on Instagram

As a logo designer myself, I couldn’t help choosing a logo design for this post, and this design is excellent. The artist did a great job of incorporating the flames into the letter B, and the yellow to orange gradient is a nice touch.

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