The Eskota Exchange

Project Details

The Eskota Exchange will be a small online retail store that offers a wide variety of items made from earthy materials, such as rock and wood.As with most logo projects I pursue, I like to start the design process by perfecting the typeface for the logo, then building the rest of the logo around it. The goal was to create a typeface with a harmonious balance of elegance as well as a Native American theme. Most Native American style fonts I came across in my research were either too detailed or a little too cartoon-ish. This project calls for an elegant look in addition to the Native American theme, and I just wasn’t able to find a font that met that specific criteria.Because of this, I decided to go with a custom typeface, inspired primarily by a sleek style to communicate elegance, along with a few very subtle elements that suggest a Native American vibe.

  • Michael McGowen

    I love this mockup, Nick! Actually, I love ALL of your mockups! This is what I want to achieve with MY portfolio…without using Adobe Creative Suite. Any tips you could share with me would be so appreciated. I’m loving your logo course. It’s my bible right now as I seek to build my portfolio…which has become much more of a daunting task with each day that goes by. I’m also learning Blender to try and achieve some nice lighting and depth for my fictitious company designs. 🙂 Email me if you have any “mockup wisdom” to share!

    Thank you, my friend.

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