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“Assistem” is an SOS device for the elderly and people in need of care. The device contains a single button that can be pressed when care is needed. When pressed, the device creates a telephone connection with a relative or loved one. The name is a combination of the words “assist” and “stem”, which means voice in Dutch.

The main idea that needs to be communicated in this logo is, “the voice that leads you back home.”

After trying their hand on Fiverr, the client reached out to me to see if I could improve on their logo, or possibly create a new logo altogether. Here is the design they got from a designer on Fiverr…

A logo that was designed on Fiverr

*Not my design

The client liked some aspects of the design, but he felt it lacked creativity. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad design either, I just think it needs some balance and consistency, and like the client said, a touch of creativity.

After trying out some refinements and new ideas altogether, we ended up with the following redesign of the original logo…

Home signal logo

Logo depicting a home within a wireless signal

As you can see, I took the original concept and executed it differently. It depicts a home within a wireless signal, but the design is more fluid, balanced, and consistent. I also went with a font that has a more technological appeal in Michroma, and made sure the style of the icon was consistent with the style of the text. This is something I emphasize in my logo design course because it can really make a logo shine when implemented, and a lot of designers tend to overlook it.

I think the signal coming from the house and emanating outward was the missing touch of creativity in the original design. Or it’s possible there was no lack of creativity in the original design — it just needed to be more balanced and consistent. Either way, the client was quite happy with his logo makeover.

Here’s how the logo looks in all of its colors and variations…

Color variations

Click to enlarge

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Project Details

Assistem is a Dutch startup providing SOS devices for the elderly and people in need of care.

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