• Baroque logo design
Project Details

A simple, classy design depicting villas in conceptual, abstract fashion.

  • Danijela

    Hi, Nick, I started watching your tutorials, and they are very helpful. I work as a freelance designer, and work in Inkscape. I have a question I hope you could help me with. I never used Photoshop or Illustrator, so I’m not quite sure if I could use “mockups” in inkscape. Mockups like the one you used here with the Baroque Villas logo. Hope I make sense. 🙂 Many Freelance designers use mockups, and I just don’t know how that works. I would be super happy if you could tell me a word or two about this. Thanks in advance, keep up the great work! Cheers!

    • Nick

      Hi Danijela, thanks for reaching out. Glad you like my tutorials. I personally do not know how to create these mockups with anything other than Photoshop. If I learn how to do something like this with GIMP< i'll be sure to make a video about it and post it on my channel.

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