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  • 76 Philadelphia logo design
Project Details

76 Solutions, a marketing agency located in Philadelphia, whose name was inspired by America's founding in the year 1776 and in the city of Philadelphia. They opted for a different design than that depicted in the end, but I decided to feature this design as I think it speaks more to my execution as a designer. As you can see, it's the letters 7 and 6 with a star and making use of alternating negative space.

  • Anonymous

    Greetings, Nick.
    I’m from Russia, where there is such a city – Voronezh.
    For a long time I use Inkscape and Blender for my needs.
    They are certainly not as frequent and varied as in your work, but still something works out. For example, I’ll give a link to the page in the FB.
    I like design and puzzles and almost all the sketches and visualizations are made in these programs.
    Your lessons have helped me a lot. Thank you.
    Of course, my level of professionalism does not compare with yours, but is always at your service if you have any needs.
    Regards, Oleg.


    Hello Nick,

    I have been following your tutorial on youtube. They are great! I am new in logo designs. Please how did you create the 76 solutions logo with the carve effect, and color beneath? Can you give me a tip through my email?


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