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9 Best Modern Serif Fonts – Free Downloads | 2018

9 Best Modern Serif Fonts – Free Downloads | 2018 1024 602 Logos By Nick

Serifs are the tiny lines that tail the edges of a letter or a symbol. Serif fonts are primarily used for print and large bodies of text because they make it easier to distinguish individual characters. For whatever reason though, serif fonts don’t seem to be very popular in modern branding (with the exception of the new Medium logo.) I think this needs to change. Serif fonts, when used correctly, can communicate a stately sense of elegance. I think they work great when used in logo design for financial agencies, government institutions, wedding planners, and anything having to do with reading and literature. In this post I’ll be outlining my current 9 favorite modern serif fonts, free to download and use commercially.

Modern Serif Fonts

1. Free Serif

Free serif font

Free Serif is probably my favorite serif font at the moment. It’s one of the only fonts where the serifs are not excessive. It’s a neat, clean font with a great weight and looks awesome when the letters are spaced apart.

2. Bodoni XT

Bodoni XT Font

Bodoni XT, much like Free Serif, is another simple font that doesn’t get carried away with the serifs. It’s quite versatile.

3. Timeless

Timeless font

Timeless has somewhat of a Copperplate look with its serifs, and its varying weights and rounded edges give it just the right amount of character.

4. Oranienbaum

Oranienbaum font

I like this one because of its tall, compact appeal. This sort of font could probably work great as a standalone wordmark logo.

5. The Soul of Vodka

Soul of vodka font

Interesting name (to say the least.) This one is striking. Much like the Oranienbaum font, I like how tall and compact it is. This font has a heavy weight and less pronounced serifs though, so I think it would be more versatile for use in a logo.

6. Spinwerad

Spinwerad font

I can always appreciate a font with unique characteristics, yet it doesn’t get so carried away with it that it becomes of caricature of itself. Spinwerad is a great example of a clean, tasteful serif font with character.

7. Liberation Serif

Liberation serif

Liberation serif is a nice font, and its untamed edges gives it a slightly casual feel.

 8. Fogtwo No5

Fogtwo font

I think one of the reasons why serif fonts typically aren’t used in logos is because they tend to have a small to medium weight, and a logo needs to be legible at small sizes, so it usually calls for a heavier weight font. Fogtwo No5 would be an exception to that though. It’s one of those rare lightweight fonts that would work well at a small size, and it has a fashionable sort of flare too.

9. Ayres

Ayres font

Finally, there’s Ayres — a tall, sharp-looking serif font with just enough (but not too much) character. It almost has a slight old western sort of look.

Any Suggestions?

If there’s any free modern serif fonts you know of that I missed, leave them in a comment down below! Also leave me your suggestions if you have any other requests for font roundups. Enjoy!

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