Horizon Biomed

  • Horizon logo full color
  • Horizon logo with colors inverted
  • Horizon logo design in monotone
  • Horizon Biomed logo design

This is a logo I recently created for Horizon Biomed. The idea behind this design was to depict a horizon line as the arm going across the letter H, and placed within the negative space of a collection of medical crosses. I made one of the crosses red to further emphasize that aspect.

This design walks dangerously close to the line of trying to communicate too much, but doesn’t quite cross it because it’s still simple enough to retain its versatility and relevance. Considering that, I’m quite proud of this one. The client ultimately decided to go with a different design idea that I presented, but I decided to feature this one instead because I feel that it better demonstrates my abilities as a designer.

Horizon Biomed

Depicting an H with a horizon line going through it, within the negative space of medical crosses.

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