Best drawing tablet for Inkscape

Wacom Intuos – The Best Drawing Tablet for Inkscape

Wacom Intuos – The Best Drawing Tablet for Inkscape 1024 602 Nick Saporito

I’m not much of a freehand artist myself, but if freehand drawing and sketching is your thing, and you’re an Inkscape user, you might want to check out the Wacom Intuos CTH490AK drawing tablet. In my opinion, the Wacom Intuos is the best drawing tablet for Inkscape because of its plug and play compatibility and ease of use. It’s also a trusted brand and quality build at a great price.

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Why A Drawing Tablet?

As graphic designers we’re accustomed to designing with a keyboard and mouse, but sometimes a task or design requires the precision of a freehand tool, and this is where a drawing tablet comes in handy.

Here’s some instances where a drawing tablet is more suitable than a keyboard and mouse…

  • Character illustrations
  • Calligraphy and lettering
  • Masking
  • Drawing tablets also come in handy any time you need to create something with a natural, whimsical look and feel.

The Best Drawing Tablet for Inkscape

Although drawing tablets are typically more useful for applications like GIMP, they do have their place in the Inkscape workspace. The best drawing tablet for Inkscape that I recommend is the Wacom Intuos WPH.


Why I Like The Wacom Intuos CTH490AK

  1. Compatibility: I was able to plug the Wacom Intuos tablet into a USB port on my computer and start using it immediately. No additional software or drivers necessary (this is for Windows 10. I can’t vouch for other operating systems.)
  2. Ease of use: One thing I really like about the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet is how easy it is to customize. For example, I recommend programming the two buttons on the pen to perform the undo and redo functions. This is very convenient for graphic design use.
  3. Price: Drawing tablets vary wildly in price, and it’s not really one of those things you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on. Since Wacom is one of the most trusted brands in drawing tablets, this Wacom Intuos tablet is the perfect mix of value and quality, and in my opinion, the best drawing tablet for Inkscape. It gives you everything you need — nothing more, nothing less — and the price reflects it.

The tablet comes with a drawing pad, USB wire, and a battery operated pen.

Wacom Drawing Tablet

How To Use with Inkscape

Drawing tablets function virtually the same way a mouse does. The pad/tablet represents the entirety of your screen resolution, and the pen functions how a mouse would.

Simply hover the pen an inch or two away from the pad and move it around. You will notice the cursor on your screen moving along with it. For example, if you hover the pen to the upper right side of the tablet, the cursor will move to the upper right side of your screen.

You will notice that the tip of your pen doubles as a button, and there’s also two buttons on the side of the pen.

Drawing tablet pen

Pressing the tip of the pen against the pad performs the same function as a left mouse click. The two buttons on the side can be programmed however you’d like. As previously mentioned, I recommend programming them for undo and redo. It’s perfect for when you make a bad stroke and want to quickly erase it without having to drop the pen and reach for your mouse and/or keyboard.

Inkscape calligraphy

Personally, I find that the drawing tablet works best with the Draw Freehand Lines tool and the Calligraphy Pen, but it could also prove useful for other lesser-used tools like the Eraser.

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  • James

    Hi Nick,

    I’m new to Inkscape and I’ve been scouring the internet for an answer to my problem but have yet to find any useful information; I’m hoping you might have a solution. I’ve been trying to get Inkscape (Version 0.92.3 for the Mac) to recognize my Huion Q11K tablet, but it fails to do so. The tablet works perfectly fine with my computer, it just does not appear as an input device when I open up Inkscape, therefore preventing me from using it to draw. I’m not sure if you can help with this, but you are a lot more knowledgeable regarding the Inkscape software than I am. Is this tablet simply not compatible with Inkscape?

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