4 Free Bakery Logo Templates | Editable Vector Download

4 Free Bakery Logo Templates | Editable Vector Download 1024 602 Logos By Nick

I was going through some old projects and came across a few unused logo designs for bakeries and figured I’d throw them up on the site — in vector format — as a free download. The free bakery logo templates are as follows…

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Free Bakery Logo Templates

This first design depicts a whimsical-style chef hat within a circle, along with some matching text and crossed rolling pins underneath.

Design #1

Logo template 1

Before opening and editing this template, make sure to download and install the BudNull font first.

Design #2

2nd logo template

This logo also has a chef hat and rolling pins but it’s styled differently. In order to edit this logo and apply your own text/name, download and install the Milkshake font first.

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Design #3

Third free logo template

This one is probably my favorite of the lot. It works well as both a logo and a badge. Again, depicting rolling pins, but you’re welcome to remove them and add your own design elements if you so desire.

Before attempting to edit this logo, make sure to download and install the font used, which is called “The Soul Of Vodka,” and it can be downloaded here.

Design #4

Fourth free template

Finally, we have a thin-style badge shape with matching cursive type. The font used is Learning Curve Bold, so make sure to install that font if you’d like to work with this template.

Free Download

Each of the free bakery logo templates comes in 100% true vector format with editable text. In order to edit the design, I would recommend using either Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape if you’d like a free alternative.

For use with Inkscape, open the SVG file. For use with Adobe Illustrator, open the AI file.

Download the free bakery logo templates here: bakery-logos.zip

Usage Rights

I’m releasing this designs into the public domain, 100% free for either personal or commercial use. Attribution is not required, but a shout out or link back to this page is always appreciated. Enjoy!

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