A Look At My New Design Setup
A Look At My New Design Setup 850 500 Nick Saporito

For those of you interested in the tech side of things, I figured I’d share my latest build. I’ve been using my previous machine for quite some time, but it’s getting old and slowing down. Since this is something my livelihood depends on, I had very little hesitation about investing in an upgrade. With this…

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how i make youtube videos header
How I Make My Youtube Videos
How I Make My Youtube Videos 850 500 Nick Saporito

I get asked about this a lot in the comments section. So I figured I’d write a post outlining exactly how I make my videos for Youtube, along with what hardware and software I use (because I’m frequently asked about that as well,) so I can link this post in the description section of each…

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A Look At My Design Setup
A Look At My Design Setup 848 310 Nick Saporito

UPDATE MARCH 20TH, 2017: I recently built a new rig. Here’s a look at my latest setup: So here’s a look at my design setup. It’s rather simple, minimalist and clutter-free, which is just how I like it. It’s a custom-built desktop, sporting an i5 with 16GB of memory and running Ubuntu with the Vertex…

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