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Make Clipping Masks In Affinity Designer

Use Affinity’s handy layering system to drag and drop a layer into a clipping mask.

All 21 Inkscape Tools Explained

Learn what each of Inkscape’s tools are and how they work with these animated demonstrations.

Vectorize A PNG With Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to generate a vector copy of a rasterized image using auto-tracing and manual workflows.

Delete White Backgrounds In Procreate

Use Procreate’s advanced selection tools to quickly remove white backgrounds from images.

Using Mockup Templates In Photoshop

Want to see how your designs would look when applied to real life scenarios?

Delete A Background In GIMP

In this tutorial we’ll be going over 5 different ways to remove a background in GIMP.

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2023 Hardware Requirements For Design

A comprehensive overview of the system requirements for all major design applications.

Affinity Designer VS Adobe Illustrator

The ultimate comparison of Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator. All pros and cons examined.

How To Prepare Logo Files For Clients

A handy guide for designers and a helpful reference for clients.

Explainer Courses

Learn how every tool and feature works in your favorite applications:

The Inkscape Master Class

A comprehensive series of 60+ videos where I explain every tool and feature in Inkscape.

Affinity Designer Master Class

A series of 60+ explainer videos where I go over every tool and feature in Affinity Designer.

The Illustrator Explainer Series

A series of 100+ explainer videos where I go over every tool and feature in Adobe Illustrator.