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Online freelancing sites provide an incredible opportunity for a freelance designer with no experience to be hired for design projects, but these sites are crowded and highly competitive. In my freelance designer guide, I’m going to help you cut through the noise and stand out. As I can tell you from experience, it’s very difficult for a newcomer to get hired for their first project when they have no track record on the site yet.

An impressive portfolio alone will not be enough. You have to know how to sell, create a compelling profile page, prospect clients, differentiate good job postings from poor job postings, and most importantly, write an effective proposal.

As a top-rated logo designer who has successfully completed over 1,000 freelance design projects across various freelancing sites, I’m going to show you how to do all of that. In this guide I’ll be sharing all of the tips, tricks, insights, tactics and secrets I’ve learned throughout my journey.

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Freelance Designer Guide

freelance designer guide
Transcending The Crowd: A Logo Designer’s Guide to Getting Hired on Freelancing Sites

34 Pages, 7,885 Words

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