My YouTube Earnings for 2019 Revealed

How much money I made on YouTube in 2019

Today’s post is for those of you who may be considering sharing your design skills (or any other skills you may have) on YouTube. In this post I’ll be revealing how much I earned from my YouTube channel in 2019 and why YouTube is great for building recurring income streams.

2020 will mark 5 years that I’ve been a creator on YouTube. Nothing else that I’ve done has had a bigger impact on my career as a designer than YouTube has. It has connected me with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of clients, helped me build this community, jump start this blog, and it’s also been a reliable source of recurring income.

How Money Is Made On YouTube

Channels eligible for monetization are connected to an AdSense account. AdSense is a Google product that connects advertisers with content creators. It streamlines the entire process of finding advertisers for your content so that you can focus on just being a creator and not having to find advertisers yourself.

Once connected, ads are automatically placed on your content and you will be paid for it based on various performance metrics.

How Much Money I Made on YouTube in 2019

Below you will see a screenshot of the analytics for the Logos By Nick YouTube channel…

My 2019 YouTube earnings
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As indicated in the screenshot, over the past 365 days my channel has earned $20,637.54 USD, which is roughly $1,719.80 per month on average. And that is from 5.2 million total views.

Is that an exorbitant amount of money? Not exactly, but it is a nice supplemental income stream. In fact, my AdSense earnings (which includes both of my YouTube channels as well as the ads on this blog) were my 3rd largest income stream for 2019. The second largest was the Logos By Nick Academy, and the largest was client services (people hiring me to design logos for them.)

Recurring Income

In a post I wrote earlier this year about building a six-figure graphic design business, I mentioned the importance of creating recurring income streams — things that will make money for you while you’re busy making money. YouTube has served as an excellent source of recurring income for me over the past 5 years, mostly because the majority of views I get every month are from videos I’ve made in the past; not from recent videos.

Most viewed videos
My most viewed videos of December 2019

This means that I can take extended breaks from making videos if I’m busy with client work or personal life events. In fact, in 2019 I made less videos than I have in any other year, yet I still had better earnings than those years because of the large inventory of content I’ve already built up.

Starting a YouTube channel can lead to great things if you’re a graphic designer. Be sure to check out a post I made a while back on tips for creating a graphic design YouTube channel if you’re considering making this a goal in 2020. And seeing as how this will likely be my last post of 2019, I’d like to close this out by thanking all of you for making this possible! I wouldn’t be here doing this if it weren’t for you guys watching, subscribing, liking, and commenting.

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19 thoughts on “My YouTube Earnings for 2019 Revealed

  1. This post sparked my vision and, after some preparation, very soon I’m going to start my YouTube channel about school tips and video-lessons and I can do it with a good visual appealing thanks to your tutorials and your ideas.
    Thank you very much Nick, and keep up with the good work!

  2. $20k it is a nice income, for that money You can modernize Your work station every year. 🙂 What can I say about making money from views on YT that it is easier to get more views if Your native language is English or You can speak English good enough. For me, who is not feeling comfortable when speaking English out loud, I am narrowed down to only my language audience. Sorry for any mistakes I made in this comment
    Best regards!

    1. Yes Dominik you are correct. The largest market on YouTube is English-speaking. It’s also the best paying market. Advertisers don’t pay very much for non-English speak audiences.

  3. Nick,

    well done and you deserve it. I discovered your channel whilst looking to draw a helix as I had forgotten. Then I downloaded Inkscape and a world of fun opened it’s doors.

    Thank you for sharing your time and skill, it’s given me a lot of pleasure.

    A very happy and prosperous New year to you.


  4. Nice work on the year’s earnings Nick. 20k is a lot of cash, you have earned every single dollar too. I have been watching your videos for years. I have even made two of my own logos in Inkscape for my two side hustles all thanks to you.

    Have you ever thought of making a series on using Gimp or Inkscape for the use on Youtube i.e

    * How to design channel bumper’s in gimp for your video intro?
    * Or Making the info cards that appear on the screen in a tutorial.
    Using Davinci Resolve would be a nice hat trick on the awesome free software. All the tutorials are Adobe products could be a nice new angle for you. Oh, and it would be a huge help for me also. ; )

    All the best for the new year.

    1. Thanks Kieran. I usually just use a static image for my end cards and place it at the end of the video. I pretty much do all of this in Adobe Premiere. I wouldn’t know how to with other software.

  5. I agree. You deliver quality content and offer professional insight. You strike the perfect balance of communicating valuable information without skipping over things, and also without taking ten minutes to say what can be fully explained in two or three minutes. You are one of the best!!

  6. Damn Nick!!!! That rocks!!!! Thanks for the videos…I try and learn a little more every day. When a tree stops growing it is dead.

  7. Good Lord! Your monthly earning could change my whole life!!!😅

    But for real, you earned more than I have done all my life in half a month.

    I’ll stay positive and optimistic, someday my startups would catchup!!!

    Congratulations champion, merry festivities, and do have a blast come 2020.

  8. great job Nick but you did so well cause you truly have skills to offer people. I have been wanting to start a youtube channel but I have nothing to offer anyone. I’m going to film school. I thought maybe if I go to school to get educated in the film industry I could become an expert in Cinematography but I still have so much to learn yet. I still need to learn how to use Illustrator. Inkscape is a pain to put on a mac and I really don’t like the Mac version so I’m just going to learn Illustrator, I have all the Adobe CC software so I will learn that and I will definitely learn from the expert. That is you. Take care I’m so glad you are a Pennsylvanian haha.

    Cory A. Jeffreys

    1. Thanks Cory. You don’t necessarily need skills to succeed on YouTube. If you can entertain or captivate people in some kind of way then that will get you views too. Good luck with everything!

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