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Top 10 Inkscape Tutorials of 2016

If you want to learn how to use Inkscape, there’s no better way to do so than with video tutorials. In fact, this is precisely how I learned. Written step-by-step lessons are great, but there’s nothing like being aided by visuals and audio. In the spirit of reflecting back on the year 2016 and the impact my channel had on the Inkscape learning community, I’ve compiled a list of 10 Inkscape tutorials from 2016 that performed the best on Youtube. Ranking factors were determined by views, engagement, and the ratio of likes to dislikes the video received by viewers.

Logo Design Course

Curious about the creative process that inspires me to come up with design ideas and how I go about executing them? Be sure to check out my logo design course for a look behind the scenes at my systematic approach to coming up with design ideas.

#10: Hockey Team Logo

Learn how to create a hockey team logo that emphasizes the Perspective tool within Inkscape.

#9: Bicycle

This tutorial is an exercise in using strokes to create a sleek line art style of a bicycle graphic.

#8: Eyeball

Become a master of gradients with this lesson, which demonstrates how to design a 3D style eyeball.

#7: Simple Flame Icon

Perfect for beginners, this lesson highlights what is capable with the freehand tool, showing how to create simple, fluid curved shapes to create a flame icon.

#6: Vintage Style Logo

Always a crowd favorite, this vintage style logo tutorial uses the masking tool as an introduction to using raster images as textures.

#5: Mountain Logo

Learn how to use Inkscape’s bezier pen to draw freehand iconography, as taught in this mountain logo tutorial.

#4: Cardboard Box with Bar Code

Get a feel for isometric design and using gradients to create the illusion of added dimensions in this lesson, which demonstrates how to create a vector cardboard box with a bar code on it. If you didn’t already know, Inkscape is absolutely wonderful for generating bar codes.

#3: Custom Text Treatment

Inkscape tutorials aren’t just for beginners. This one may be better suited for intermediate to advanced users, but this lesson offers an exercise in using raster images to create vector textures in order to create some pretty cool looking customized text.

#2: Logo Design Inkscape Tutorials

This one has gone semi-viral since being uploaded in July — learn to design an emblem style logo using Inkscape. This tutorial emphasizes the use of strokes to strategically create padding and borders.

#1: Donut

The undisputed viewer’s choice of 2016 has been, without question, this simple, flat style-doughnut graphic with a bite taken out of it. This makes for the perfect beginner’s tutorial because it’s a nice design, but isn’t too complicated to produce.

Tutorials to Come…

Inkscape tutorials for beginners are posted twice per week on my Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe on Youtube if you’d like to stay updated. If you don’t have a Youtube account, you can also keep up-to-date with new tutorials as they’re posted on my Facebook page.

There’s more to come in 2017, so let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see a tutorial made of.

I’d like to start featuring work from other Youtubers as well, so if you know of anyone that’s made some killer video tutorials, drop me a link in the comments section. As it currently stands, there aren’t many Inkscape Youtubers that upload on a regular basis. I’ve been very vocal about the benefits of being on Youtube as a graphic designer, so hopefully we start to see the community grow!

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Nick Saporito

Nick Saporito is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer who specializes in branding-specific design.

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  • Kristen

    The little blue owl that you have on your instagram please! I’m in love with it! I’ve been completing each of the tutorials you have online to try and learn Inkscape. Love the hands on aspect of it over just reading a “how-to” on the program. So happy I found your website and YouTube page, it was exactly what I was looking for to get my business up and running!

    • Nick

      Hi Kristen, glad to hear my content has helped you with your own business. That’s the goal of what I create, so it’s always reassuring to hear that! The blue owl logo was client work I did for a paying client, so I’m not sure if they’d be okay with me creating a tutorial for it. I don’t know if you saw or now, but I have an entire blog post about that project here: Thanks for your feedback!

  • Tobi

    Hi Nick,

    i would like to see a similar logo as the aerial logo. Something like the main picture on the aerial photography article site. made out of the guiding circles and helping lines. That would be great to see how you made this.
    Go on with these great tutroials!

  • Gaurang Patel

    hi Nick,

    Your videos are fantastic. I am a beginner using Inkscape since 6 months to work on my personal blog. I have 2 questions and would really appreciate if you can write on it.

    1. I have been really struggling to wrap around a object or a shape around a curved surface (take cylinder a glass as an example). There are many articles around wrapping an object and probably a picture (i think in gimp) but none on this.

    2. Is there an easy way to create 3d objects (transform, provide depth) from a 2d shape? Like the way we can create 2d shape to 3d in powerpoint if you are aware of it.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Nick,
    I’m a high school teacher and I would like to start using Inkscape in my Digital Design course. Eventually, the plan is to replace Illustrator with Inkscape in my school’s quest to go open source/freeware. I watched some of your videos. Do you have tutorials guides in a .PDF file format in addition to the videos?

    I watched the Eye design video but found it a little hard to follow. Just thought I’d inquire about documented courseware. Your designs are amazing!
    Ann Marie

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