Mexican restaurant logo design ideas

14 Best Mexican Restaurant Logo Design Ideas

14 Best Mexican Restaurant Logo Design Ideas 1024 602 Nick Saporito

Today I’ll be sharing the 14 best Mexican restaurant logo design ideas that I came across while researching design ideas for a client of my own. There’s a lot of talent and creativity in this niche and found it to be very inspiring, so I felt compelled to share it.

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Best Mexican Restaurant Logo Design Ideas

Credit is attributed to the artist of each design along with a link to their site or profile.

#1 The Smokin’ Jalapeno

Jalapeno logo

By Mat W on 99Designs

Very talented illustration work and creative use of color.

#2 Hugo’s

Margarita logo design

By Alexa Erkaeva on Dribble

Playful, whimsical and creative. When you use this many colors in a logo design they usually start to clash, but not for this design.It works out great.

#3 Agave Mexican Restaurant

Agave design

Posted by Luis Feiton on Pinterest

A logo that focuses on the text/name and uses decorative trim to help communicate the right feel.

#4 Tacos de Pancho

Taco truck logo

By Sophie Forbes on Behance


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Logo for a Mexican food truck that makes creative use of color. I also really dig the added texture.

#5 Tacos Banditas

Tacos Banditas logo

Posted to Pinterest

Another great illustrative design that I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately I couldn’t track down the creator of this logo, so if it’s you and you’re reading this, drop me a line so I can give you your due credit and hook you up with a link.

#6 Justina’s Kitchen

Sombrero logo design

By Michael Miguez on Behance

This Mexican restaurant logo design’s brilliance is in its simplicity. Anyone who is familiar with my own work knows that I’m big on simplicity because it lends itself to versatility and timelessness.

#7 Tortilleria


Mexican skull design

For sale at GraphicRiver by Envato

Here’s a design template I came across that uses a nice color palette and communicates a casual, welcoming sentiment. This design is available for sale on the Envato market, so go check it out if you’re interested in licensing it.

#8 El Carinito

Carinito logo

By Abraham Lule on Behance

Creative typography and wonderful use of color.

#9 Gran Luchito

Mexican sauces

By Elizabeth Freeman via The Dieline

This logo is actually for a line of pastes and sauces but I wanted to include it regardless in order to demonstrate how a great logo can include nothing other than text if done right.

#10 Senorita

Senorita logo

By Jared Jacob on Dibbble

Love the theme, illustration and how well the colors complement each other. Another great logo, however it is for a beer and is not a Mexican restaurant logo design.

#11 Papi Queso

Street taco logo

Via 99Design

Proof that a great logo need not imagery nor color!

#12 El Vago

Cantina design

By Filbi on 99Designs

Love the colors and the use of typography. The decorative skull thing seems to be a common theme throughout these logos, so from a branding perspective I would probably try going in a different direction in order to stand out. This is still a nicely done Mexican restaurant logo design regardless though.

#13 Taco Temple

Taco temple

By Rancho Deluxe on Dribbble

Very unique typography that fits will with the illustration and color scheme that makes it pop.

#14 Vida Cantina


By Brett Stenson on Dribbble

Clever, whimsical typography is enough to make a great logo. I particularly like how the tail of the V overlaps itself and uses negative space to create the illusion of a shadow.

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