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To design a logo for “Exhilarate” — a nutritious energy beverage that uses all-natural ingredients, but carefully selected and combined in such a way that is scientifically proven to derive the desired effect of an energy boost. Exhilarate is a drink for someone needing a quick boost during their day or before a workout, but doesn’t want to consume the harsh chemical ingredients in traditional energy drinks.

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The vision for this brand is a product that offers a balanced synergy of nature and science, which was the main thing that needed to be communicated with the logo. We wanted to create something that depicts both nature and science working together as a unit.

Preliminary Designs

After conducting a little bit of research and soaking in some inspiration, I was able to come up with the following designs…


The design on the left is a leaf. The right side of the leaf is whimsical in shape to emulate nature, and the left side of the leaf is an abstract orbit of such, using smooth and precise lines to communicate a scientific sentiment.

The center design is the same idea as the previous in concept, but executed differently. I think the science aspect of the design is most prominent here, so this one was quickly discarded.

The design on the right is a combination of both a leaf and a double helix. I considered this design the best of the three, so I explored improving it a little further.

Something about this design was bothering me, and after spending some time staring at it, I realized it was because of the inconsistency in the thickness of the encasing shape in comparison to the elements inside of it. They really should be the same thickness. I also did not like how the overall design didn’t seem to “flow” at all.

After spending some time tweaking the design, I was finally able to prepare it exactly how I thought it should look, and I was quite happy with the result.




As for the typeface, the client wanted the wording to not be as prominent. He’d rather the iconic mark be the centerpiece of the design, so I simply sprawled the word “EXHILARATE” beneath the design in small type.


The final step was determining a color palette, which was a little tricky given the concept of this logo. Using green would say “nature” too much, and using blue would say “science” too much. After spending some time mulling this over, I decided to use the color blue to communicate science, but made it a very dull and earthy shade so as to communicate nature as well. The final design is as depicted below.


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