Logo Design for A Medical Facility

Horizon Outpatient Services, an outpatient medical services facility opening soon in Allentown, PA, recently commissioned me to design their logo. Horizon aims to provide psychiatric and psychotherapy services that do not require an overnight stay to its patients.

My approach to the design was to establish a simple, sleek and effective design that depicts a circle with a conceptual letter H and a horizon within the design, with the horizon coming to a point in an upward direction to suggest progress, and representing the connective arm of the H as well. I think it all ties together nicely.

Horizon outpatient services logo design

For the colors, we went with muted and contrasting shades of a blue-ish green. Something about these colors, combined with the style of the design, communicates a cool, calm and optimistic feeling.

For the typeface, I went with the serif style Optimus Princeps for “Horizon”, and full caps Tex Gyre; bold for “outpatient services”, sprawled out beneath the name “Horizon” as secondary text.

The final product is as depicted below…

Horizon Logo Design Final

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9 thoughts on “Logo Design for A Medical Facility

  1. Hi Nick,

    I want to buy the template available at http://blog.logosbynick.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/horizonlogodesign1.png

    I obviously need to change colours, which I can do that.

    How much it will cost me with all the file formats I need.

  2. Hi Nick,

    You’ve really got a talent for logo creation.

    You’ve taking something pretty boring (medical stuff) and made some really cool stuff from it. I work in health insurance so i know how boring it is ha!

    Anyways keep up the good work you clearly have a great talent.

  3. Hi I am Charlie. Ur design was attractive me. I need a logo for my product. Is point of sales system. Named CASH POS. Any idea on the logo design?

    But how about the pricing?

  4. Hi This is Necati from Turkey. We are interesting yarn wholesala trade. we need a Logo for our company. its name will be SÖNMEZ. Can you design it.

    Best Regards

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