Design Insight: Logo for Mark Clement, Personal Trainer

Design Insight: Logo for Mark Clement, Personal Trainer 848 310 Logos By Nick

Mark Clement, an online personal trainer who aims to assist males between the ages of 20 and 35 with reaching their fat loss goals, in addition to providing health, training, nutrition, supplementation, and general well being assistance, recently commissioned me to create a logo for his services.

The design brief I received was rather simple and straightforward, which is nice because it gives me plenty of creative freedom. Mark’s only requests were that the logo included his full name and tagline: Mark Clement – Elite Fat Loss Coaching, along with a request to use a blue and gray color scheme.

The color blue has a way of communicating “trust” and “dependability” within the context of a logo, so from a design perspective I think this is a good choice, seeing as how these are traits you would seek in a personal trainer. Gray is also a nice choice because it offers a complementing contrast to blue.

Putting It All Together

With that being said and an agreement reached, I set off to have a closer look at his industry and target audience in order to get a better understanding of how I could create something that would both communicate his brand effectively, as well as resonate with a demographic of males between the ages of 20 and 35 looking to get in shape.

This didn’t take me very much time as I’ve done plenty of work for personal trainers, and as someone who works out regularly and follows many fitness channels on Youtube (which attracts a predominantly young demographic,) I already have a pretty good feel for the industry.

So I set off to brainstorm some ideas, and after several rounds of revisions and exchanges, here’s the logo design that Mark and I came up with…


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The icon is an abstract depiction of the letters M and C within a polygon, styled with sharp, clean and consistent lines, which I feel conceptualizes the regimented discipline required to get in shape, but subtly.


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This logo, in my opinion, adheres to the principles of an effective logo.

It’s simple and versatile, meaning it will display nicely regardless of application, whether it be on a digital screen or embroidered onto a t shirt. It’s relevant in that it’s an abstract depiction of Mark’s initials. It’s conceptual and not literal, meaning it suggests an idea, as opposed to literally spelling it out (using an M and C from a stock font, for example.) It’s scalable and distinguishable, even at small sizes. It’s distinct, and it’s timeless.

What I also like about it is the flexibility it offers as far as branding goes. This design can fit nicely within the context of professional application, as well as being portrayed in an edgy light, so as to resonate with a youthful demographic. Here’s an example…


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All in all, I had a lot of fun designing this logo, and Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. If you’re possibly looking for an online personal trainer to help get you in shape for the new year, feel free to check out Mark’s Facebook page and get it touch.

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