AS Logo Design

AS Logo Design

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I was recently commissioned to create a logo for a company whose initials are AS. Taking this into consideration, I came up with a variety of different design ideas — one of which was a depiction of an AS logo design.

The client ultimately chose a different design option, so I got to retain ownership of this one and figured I’d share it here on the blog. It’s also available for sale if interested (purchase link is at the bottom of the post.)

A plus S equals AS

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As you consider, the approach was to merge the two A and S letters together to for an AS logo design in a simple, fluid, single unit. I’m quite happy with how this came out, especially since I hadn’t seen any other AS or SA logo design like this used elsewhere.

AS Logo Design Project

Here’s how the design was originally proposed. As you can see, the name of the company is Analog Sport, and since it makes design sense to do so, I created a custom typeface to pair with it.

AS custom typography

Although the AS design is available for sale, unfortunately I do not yet have a font file for the text. I created these specific letters individually and have not gotten around to the rest of the alphabet yet. I’d be glad to create them for your custom logo design though if you’d like to hire me to do so.

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Here’s how the design looks in all of its respective color variations…

Logo variations

And here it is mocked up in a real-world scenario, impressed onto a sheet of paper…

SA mockup

SA Logo Design For Sale


Update: as of June 19th 2018 this design has sold and is no longer my property.

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  • Ryan Dempsey

    Hello Nick,
    I am about to launch my company called Art Show Co. and I have been searching for a logo for quite some time. Nothing was quite meeting my vision for the company until I stumbled upon your “A H” logo on google. I saw it is for sale for $12 but I was wondering what it would cost for me to buy full ownership of the logo. I’m sure many people have already bought the logo but I was just wanting to know the price I would have to pay in order for ownership to be mine and the availability of logo purchase to be taken off your site. Anyways, looking forward to hearing back from you and love your work!

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