Affiliate Disclosure

Logos By Nick LLC is a for-profit business. One of the ways I earn a profit is through affiliate programs.

What’s An Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs pay me a commission whenever someone purchases something on a site that I linked to. A good example of this is

I sometimes make posts where I recommend hardware for graphic design, for example. I link to products on Amazon that I personally recommend, and if you buy them, Amazon will pay me some percentage of the sale as a commission for referring business to them.

Amazon is just an example though. I’m involved with various affiliate programs and link to various different products and services that I will earn a commission from if you buy.

Considering all of the different affiliate programs that I’ve promoted on Logos By Nick over the years, it wouldn’t be practical for me to find and list all of them here. Therefore, you can safely assume that any third-party site that I link out to from Logos By Nick is an affiliate of mine, and that I will receive some form of compensation from them for doing so.

Conflicts of Interest

My policy on affiliate programs: I only recommend products that I personally vouch for and would recommend even if I weren’t being compensated for it. My reputation and the trust I have with my readers is far more valuable to me than affiliate commissions are.


  • HawkHost: I recommend hosting websites with HawkHost and am enrolled in their affiliate program because I used them to host this site when I first started it and would recommend them for anyone starting a website on a budget.
  • IncFile: I promote IncFile for registering business names because I used them to register Logos By Nick as an LLC and was very happy with the service, so I joined their affiliate program because I was already referring clients to them in the first place.
  • Amazon: I sometimes shop with Amazon, but it’s mostly a vehicle for promoting the products I really want to recommend.

Again, these are just examples. There’s a few other affiliate programs that I’m enrolled in but can’t remember at the moment. Just be assured that I never let my affiliation with these companies compromise the integrity of my work.