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Procreate is an iOS app that lets you paint, draw, and make common edits to images. It’s the most popular iOS app among artists.

To use it you will need either an iPad or an iPhone. It is not available for Android or any other platform. Apple Pencil/Stylus is not required but highly recommended.

Supported Operating Systems
Hardware Requirements
Only for iPad and iPhone; Apple Pencil/Stylus is optional

Learn About Procreate

Check out some of the useful tutorials below for learning how to use Procreate…

Learn The Fundamentals

Procreate VS Affinity Designer

Learn about all of the differences between Procreate and the Affinity Designer iPad app.

How To Color Fill

Get started with Procreate by learning how to color fill.

How To Erase

Everything you need to know about erasing with the Eraser Tool in Procreate.

How To Add Text

Learn about working with text in Procreate.

How To Copy & Paste

Copy and pasting in Procreate can be performed in various ways. Learn how in this tutorial.

How To Crop

Have a photo that you need to crop the edges off of? Not a problem in Procreate! Learn how with this tutorial.

DIY Creations

Apply A Paper Texture

A simple trick for applying a paper-like texture to your artwork.

Change An Image’s Color

Put Procreate’s handy features to use by changing the colors of objects in an image.

How To Design A Logo

Learn how to design a simple logo in Procreate which utilizes two letters of your choosing.