About GIMP


GIMP is a free and open source application that functions in the raster environment, and it’s widely recognized as the go-to free alternative for Adobe Photoshop.

GIMP, which stands for “General Image Manipulation Program,” was originally founded in 1995 was used to make the original Google logo.

Supported Operating Systems
Minimum Requirements
256 MB of RAM, 200 MB of disk space

Learn About GIMP

Watch the video below for an introduction to GIMP…

Introduction To GIMP

All 39 GIMP Tools Explained

A written guide as well as a video tutorial demonstrating how all of the tools work in GIMP.

5 Common Mistakes GIMP Users Make

Speed up the learning process by learning from theses common mistakes GIMP users make.

GIMP VS Inkscape

Learn about the differences between GIMP and Inkscape– a free and Open Source vector editor.

Learn The Fundamentals

How To Remove A Background

Learn all of the various ways in which you can delete backgrounds from images using GIMP.

How To Crop Images

Learn how to quickly crop images using GIMP’s advanced tools.

How To Install Brushes

Have some Photoshop brushes you want to port over to GIMP? Or maybe you’d like to download some. This tutorial will show you how.

DIY Creations

Create Animated GIFs

Use the Layers menu in GIMP to create the frames of an animated GIF.

Turn Yourself Into A GTA Load Screen

This tutorial utilizes some of the most advanced tools in GIMP to turn you into a game character.

Create T Shirt Mockups

Apply your own logos and designs to a t shirt image to create a realistic mockup.