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Affinity Designer is both a vector and pixel-based design tool by Serif. It serves as an all-in-one solution that can be used to make vector illustrations and common photo edits as well. In addition to its desktop app, it also has a mobile version for the iPad.

It can be used to design logos, icons, infographic, UI, illustrator, edit and add effects to photos, and more.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Mac iOS
Minimum Requirements
8 GB of RAM recommended, 1 GB of disk space for Windows users, 2.8 GB for Mac users; iPad app only works on iPad 4+ tablets
$69.99 for desktop; $18.49 for iPad app

Learn About Affinity Designer

Watch the video below for an introduction to Affinity Designer…

Introduction To Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer VS Illustrator

See how Affinity Designer stacks up when compared to the industry standard software.

Affinity Designer VS Inkscape

Learn about all of the differences between Affinity Designer and Inkscape– an Open Source and free alternative.

Using Pantones In Affinity Designer

Follow this tutorial to learn how to work with Pantone colors.

Learn The Fundamentals

Layers Menu Guide

Layers are a fundamental aspect of Affinity Designer, and they function differently than other applications.

Gradients Guide

Learn how to work with the four different types of gradients to for coloring your artwork.

Change Colors In An Image

This starter tutorial will walk you through changing the colors of images and serves as a great introduction to the Pixel Persona.

Remove Backgrounds From Images

Use Affinity’s advanced selection tools to quickly remove backgrounds from complex images.

Trace An Image To Vectors

Learn how to use shapes and the Pen Tool to create vector tracings of a subject in an image.

Text On A Path

Learn how to place text on certain types of paths, such as circles and curves.

DIY Creations

Logo Design Tutorial

Learn how to design your first logo in Affinity Designer using this step-by-step tutorial.

Repeat Patterns

Create infinite repeat patterns from a single object using Affinity’s advanced fill tools.

Clipping Masks

Clipping masks are used to crop objects to the shape of other objects. Follow this tutorial to see how.