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Photoshop is Adobe’s flagship product and a brand in and of itself. It is the industry standard when it comes to photo manipulation and has the most robust tools.

Photoshop can be used for editing images, adding effects, designing flyers and leaflets and more.

Supported Operating Systems
Minimum Requirements
Multi-core 2 GHz or faster processor, 8 GB of RAM (16 recommended), 20 GB of available disk space
Subscription purchase: $31.49/mo with no contract, or $20.99/mo with yearly agreement, or $239.88/yr billed upfront

Learn About Adobe Photoshop

Starter guides and video tutorials for learning about Adobe Photoshop…

How To Remove A White Background

This brief tutorial will walk you through the process of removing white background from images.

Wrap Text Around A Circle

Learn how to place text along a path or shape, such as a circle.

How To Crop A Layer

Cropping an image is simple enough, but what if you just want to crop a single layer? Watch this tutorial to learn how.

Edit Mockup Files

See how your design would look in a real-world context by drag-and-dropping them into mockup files.

Create Transparent Gradients

A simple trick which utilizes layer masks to create gradients of partial opacity.

Add Drop Shadows

Gives text and various other design elements some pop by adding a drop shadow beneath them.