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Illustrator is a vector design application by Adobe. It is the industry standard when it comes to vector design and packs the most advanced features of any vector app.

It is used for designing logos, icons, user interface, infographics, digital illustrations, and more.

Supported Operating Systems
Minimum Requirements
Multi-core processor with 64-bit support, 8 GB of RAM (16 recommended), 2 GB of available disk space
Subscription purchase: $31.49/mo with no contract, or $20.99/mo with yearly agreement, or $239.88/yr billed upfront

Learn About Adobe Illustrator

Starter guides and video tutorials for learning about Adobe Illustrator…

Introduction To Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator VS Affinity Designer

Learn about all of the differences between Adobe Illustrator and its lower-cost alternative, Affinity Designer.

Illustrator VS Inkscape

Learn about all of the differences between Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape– an Open Source and free alternative.

Illustrator VS Photoshop for T Shirt Design

Get a better understanding of when to use each of these apps for t shirt design.

Learn The Fundamentals

Trace An Image To Vector

Learn how to create monotone and full-color vector tracings of images.

How To Round Corners Of Objects

See how you can use Live Corner Widgets to round the corners of objects.

Convert RGB To CMYK

Have an RGB document that you need to convert to CMYK color format? Follow this tutorial to see how.

How To Use The Pen Tool

The Pen Tool allows you to draw your own vector shapes. Learn how in this tutorial.

How To Subtract Shapes

Learn how to subtract shapes from other shapes using the Pathfinder menu.

Wrap Text Around A Circle

Use the Text On A Path Tool to wrap text around a circle.

DIY Creations

How To Design A Heart

This beginners lesson will teach you how to create a heart shape by combining other shapes.

Create 3D Text Emblems

Learn how to create a 3D-style text emblem that can be used as a logo, badge, and more.

Design App Icons

Everything you will ever need to know about designing app icons in Illustrator.